Naturally well fed
in every life situation.

Every farmer wants healthy animals. They are the best prerequisite for successful and profitable livestock farming. If, on the other hand, illnesses occur, performance depressions and lower daily increases can be expected.

It has been known for a long time that the feed, in addition to species-appropriate husbandry and good management, can also have a significant influence on health.

The feed should not only optimally meet the animals’ needs for nutrients, but also ensure high performance and support health naturally to reduce the use of medications.

Good reasons for BEWI-SAN

With BEWI-SAN we promote a healthy and optimal nutrition of your rearing calves, beef calves, piglets and dairy cows - in a natural way.

We sincerely believe that nature provides the best formulas for maintaining the health. For this reason, we prefer to use natural active ingredients such as fenugreek, carob flour, bananas and carrots, as well as various herbs.

The natural helpers BEWI-SAN support the animal's metabolism actively and are suited to specific situations in life.

  • More naturalness
  • Fewer medications
  • Many decades of experience
  • Proven successful

With our wide range of dietary and supplemental feeds, we support the healthy and optimal nutrition of your rearing calves, beef calves, piglets and dairy cows.

Whether the stress of birth, diarrhoea, respiratory diseases, whole milk feeding, immunodepression or a lack of vitality, with our BEWI-SAN products, we offer real problem-solvers to improve animal health – naturally.


  • Straight on the farm
    • via drinking, additional to drinking
    • in compound feed/concentrate feed


    Our strength:
    Tailor-made solutions

    Image Tailor-Made Solutions Possible

    Based on our long-term experience we offer our partners customised solutions to produce innovative feed concepts.

    Our process:
    The special mixing technology

    Bild Spezialmischer Technologie

    BEWITAL agri uses a special mixing technology. In this way, various natural ingredients can be combined.