Encapsulated additives

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The matrix encapsulation process on the basis of hydrogenated vegetable fats allows the use of feed components and active ingredients whose use in unprotected form is not possible or useful or could have negative effects.

In ruminants, these include not only amino acids and water-soluble vitamins, but also other active ingredients which are largely broken down in the rumen without protection.

In monogastric animals, various active substances are inactivated in the stomach or can have unprotected negative effects on feed intake.

SPACE 2022 in Rennes (FR)

From 13 to 15 September 2022 BEWITAL agri will participate in the international livestock fair SPACE. The trade show will take place in Rennes, France.

Would you like to learn more about BEWITAL agri’s innovative specialty feeds and encapsulated active ingredients? Then visit us in Hall 9 | Booth 18.

VIV Europe Utrecht 2022

VIV Europe 2022 in Utrecht

VIV Europe is the top-quality event for the animal protein industry. It promotes the latest innovations of the industry every 4 years.

Please visit us at Hall 8 | Booth E026 and discover our innovative special feed solutions.

BOKU-Symposium 2022

suckling piglets

The 20th BOKU symposium Animal Nutrition 2022 had the general topic “Bioactive Substances in Animal Nutrition: Functions and Future”. We were again represented with a scientific contribution.

The current study examined the influence of an encapsulated fatty acid combination and phytogenic additives on certain parameters of the lactating sow.

Agritech Expo Zambia 2022

Agritech Expo Zambia 2022

We are happy to announce our participation in Agritech Expo Zambia 2022 from 7 to 9 April 2022. For the first time, BEWITAL agri is taking part in the fair.

Please visit us at the event and discover our innovative feed solutions. We are looking forward to seeing you in the German Pavilion | Booth A08!

The new BEWI-SAN Prevent C

Image carob flour

Decades of experience have gone into our BEWI-SAN range.

Carob flour is a new addition to the BEWI-SAN Prevent C formula. Due to its high content of swellable dietary fibre, carob flour has a supportive effect on non-specific digestive problems.

BAT conference 2021

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The Bavarian Working Group Animal Nutrition (BAT) organized its 59th annual conference this year as a digital web conference.

The conference presents latest insights around the general topic of “Feed and feeding with regard to climate relevance and the avoidance of food competition”. We were represented again with a scientific contribution.

VIV MEA 2021 in Abu Dhabi

VIV MEA 2021 Abu Dhabi

From 23 to 25 November, we will again be participating in the VIV MEA in Abu Dhabi together with Kubbar International.

Visit us in Hall 8 | L010. Our Key Account Manager Burkhard Bohr will present our new products for cattle and poultry in Abu Dhabi.

SPACE 2021 in Rennes (FR)

SPACE 2021 in Rennes

From 14 to 16 September BEWITAL agri will participate in the international livestock fair SPACE. The trade show will take place in Rennes, France.

Would you like to learn more about BEWITAL agri’s innovative specialty feeds and encapsulated active ingredients? Then visit us in Hall 9 | Booth A18.

Gram-positive bacteria

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Improve gut health and reduce antibiotic use with targeted combinations of medium-chain fatty acids.

Medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA)
and their derivatives are known for their pronounced antibacterial effects against gram-positive bacteria.

BOKU-Symposium 2021

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The 19th BOKU symposium Animal Nutrition 2021 had the general topic “Animal Nutrition between animal welfare and environment protection”.

The symposium was held for the first time as a digital web conference. We were again represented with a scientific contribution.

EuroTier 2021 in Hanover

EuroTier 2021 in Hanover, Germany

The EuroTier – the world’s leading trade fair for animal husbandry professionals – came to a successful close.

To further benefit from EuroTier’s digital expertise, the platform with all its content is still open for you.

Ecological footprint

Fußabdruck aus Milch, Ökologischer Fußabdruck

Sustainability and the ecological footprint are becoming the focus of companies. We have determined the impact of feed production on this. Logistics and production are not the drivers, as initial results show.

New “Innovation Center”

Our New Innovation Centre, Picture from the Laboratory

Innovation is based on research. Our own department for research & product development thrives to drive on innovations at BEWITAL agri.

To give them appropriated space for innovations, the constructions of the new Innovation Center are now completed.

We are expanding our team!

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We position ourselves for the future from a personnel perspective and have strengthened our team with four experienced employees.

They are there for you from now on and they are happy to help you with any questions!


Keep your distance and stay together

From now on our field sales team is available again personally! Personal customer visits are allowed to take place in accordance with hygiene regulations.

We are looking forward to meet you again, take care and stay healthy.

VIV MEA 2021 in Abu Dhabi

VIV MEA 2021 Abu Dhabi

Meet us from 22 to 24 november 2021 at the VIV MEA in Abu Dhabi at booth 08.L010.

Our key account manager Mr. Burkhard Bohr is there for you, every day from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m. We look foward to seeing you in Abu Dhabi!

BEWITAL agri and Agrando

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Since April we started a cooperation with the online trading platform Agrando.

With an exclusive widget in form of a button, our products are now directly linked to Agrando with just a mouse click.

Together we are strong

Image Together against Corona

Due to fast spread of the virus, we will avoid personal customer visits at the moment. Our team remains available for you as usual.

All deliveries will be taken out as usual. Production takes place as usual and we are deliverable!

Emission reduction in dairy cattle

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Rumen-protected fats (BEWI-SPRAY®) allow an effective energy improvement of the ration without offering a substrate for methanogenic microorganisms. The methane emission is not increased despite a higher energy supply.

New ingredient in BEWI-SAN: fenugreek

Bild Neue Zutat Bockshornklee in Nahaufnahme

We have thoroughly reviewed our specialty product range BEWI-SAN and adapted them according to latest nutritional science.

The result: Even more natural ingredients!

BAT-conference: new study presented

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The 57th BAT conference took place in Grub (GER). The general topic was “Sustainable animal nutrition”.

Dr. Michael Hovenjürgen presented our latest study about: “Effects of rumen-stable amino acids”.

BOKU-Symposium 2019 Animal Nutrition | Results

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The 18th BOKU Symposium in Vienna (AT) was under the general theme “Feeding young livestock”.

We were again represented with a scientific poster: “Influence of quality and concentration of calf milk replacers on growth performance of beef calves”.

Rumen-protected active ingredients for dairy cows

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A combination of rumen-protected methionine and lysine makes it possible to optimise protein efficiency and to reduce common protein carriers without performance losses.

An addition of rumen-protected methionine shows positive effects on metabolism and liver health.

BOKU-Symposium 2018: Another 2nd poster award

Bild Portrait Kuh Nahaufnahme

The 17th BOKU-Symposium in Vienna (AUT) was under the headline of the “carbohydrates in animal nutrition”.

With our study by Dr. Jan Voss and Dr. Michael Hovenjürgen we were again able to win the 2nd poster price.

BOKU-Symposium 2017: Award for our poster

Bild Kalb in Abkalbebox

The 16th BOKU-Symposium in Vienna (AUT) was under the headline of the “healthy intestinal tract”.

Dr. Michael Hovenjürgen won the 2nd price for his poster. The study was conducted in cooperation with VBZL Haus Riswick, Germany, and the agricultural university of Osnabrück.