We combine refined fats, dairy products and other substances for agriculture and the feedstuffs industry.

The latest scientific findings and current feed recommendations place increasingly high demands on animal nutrition. But finding the right balance between health, yield and an efficient, environmentally-friendly feed presents major challenges for many farms.

We offer the right product for any feed situation and use form, tailored to various practical requirements.

Thanks to our special blending technology we are able not only to supply animals with the active ingredients in the best combination but also to maintain consistently high production standards of our products so that they are as easy as possible for the user to process.

of dry mixture

Fetttropfen und Milch

Know-how in milk and fat

Thanks to many years of experience we are able to combine highly digestible tasty raw dairy materials, plant fats, protein concentrates and functional active ingredients into a product that is ideally suited to its use.

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Consistent product quality

When developing our blends we ensure that each batch is the same. This means that we are able to make these blends available to our clients for an extended period.

Icon Sichere Anwendung

Easy and safe use on the farm

The milk replacers are entirely suitable for use with machines and at the same time highly wettable and soluble. All products keep well in store, are free-flowing and easy to measure, even when they have a high dairy product content.

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Best acceptance and digestibility in animals

The optimum combination of tasty components ensures that they are consumed. Our products have been a commercial success for many years, which demonstrates how well animals can use them.

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Our strength:
Tailor-made solutions

Image Tailor-Made Solutions Possible

Based on our many years of experience, we offer customer-specific solutions for innovative feed concepts.

Milk replacer range


We offer the right product for every nutritional situation, tailored to the various practical requirements.

Our Farm Packs


Our product range offers solutions for various metabolic situations in modern high-performance cows.