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The key factors in piglet rearing are age-appropriate feed ration composition covering energy and nutrient requirements, a stable growth curve and avoiding diseases, especially diarrhoea. This is the only way in which farms can rear uniform, robust and healthy piglets that grow and fatten well.

Suckling pigs are particularly prone to conditions involving diarrhoea in the first few days of life. Stabilisation of digestion is sensible in this phase. Increased litter sizes mean that sow milk often has to be supplemented. Piglet milk can be used either as a supplement or as a replacement (motherless rearing). This means that the milk must be tailored closely to the need and to the way it is given.

Transition to solid feed should also be as gentle as possible, because delayed growth cannot be made up in the later fattening period.

Combinations of refined fats, dairy products and high-quality functional proteins offer a high physiological and energy benefit. All components can be easily digested by piglets from birth. As they are rich in valuable components, they lead to high daily intake and healthier piglets.

Our products are tailored to the individual phases of the piglet’s life and to technical application.

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