Combination product of high-quality sweet whey,
refined vegetable fats and lecithin


The challenge:

Age-appropriated feeding regimes, are very important aspects in piglet rearing. These should not only cover the animals’ energy but also the nutrient requirements. Feeding according to the animals´ needs therefore makes an important contribution to successful piglet rearing. What is missed at an early stage in life, cannot be compensated later on.

After birth, the piglet’s enzyme activity is initially focusing on the digestion of milk. This is a source of nutrients. Milk provides energy and contains mainly lactose as well as fat. As piglets get older, the activity of enzymes increases. They break down not only starch but also fat and protein. This is why the nutrition of young piglets needs a lot of attention.

The switch to wheat starch therefore should be done slowly to prevent digestive disorders.

Your benefits:

  • Spray-freezing process ensures very good processability
  • High energy content for high daily weight gains
  • Healthier piglets
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

BEWI-PIG® 80 L is a combination product of high-quality sweet whey, refined vegetable fats and lecithin.

  • Optimal preparation of piglets for proper back-fat quality
  • High-energy feed for performance-based piglet feeding
  • Lecithin as an emulsifier improves the digestibility of fat and facilitates metabolism
  • High level of medium-chain fatty acids for optimum digestion



Application area:

For performance-based piglet feeding.


Use up to 8 %  of BEWI-PIG® 80 L in the complete feed.