Health, yield and environmental
protection are not in conflict.

High yields place enormous demands on animal metabolism. They are also often associated with problems for liver health and fertility. Despite very modern husbandry conditions and hygiene measures, the animals cannot always be protected from stress factors and increased pressure of infection. They are more vulnerable to pathogens.

In this situation it is very important that the liver, reproductive organs, intestines and udders receive sufficient active ingredients.

BEWI-FATRIX® ensures that the right amounts of active ingredients reach the right place. Targeted transfer to the intestine leads to a marked improvement in biological availability. Shortfalls in supply are dealt with, and an optimum balance between input and output is achieved, which benefits the environment.

Feed efficiently

With BEWI-FATRIX® the active ingredients reach their target in optimal dosage.

Thanks to our special cryotechnology a high ingredient concentration, also as mix of several ingredients, can be protected against degradation in rumen/stomach.

Gaps in supply can be deliberately closed in this way. It also ensures an optimum balance between input and output. This promotes animal health and relieves the environment. For a more efficient feeding.

  • Gut health
  • Metabolism
  • Fertility
  • Environment

The product line BEWI-FATRIX® consists of matrix-encapsulated active ingredients for ruminats, pigs and poultry.

The active substances include e.g. amino acids and vitamins for ruminants or organic acids, fatty acids and plant extracts for monogastric animals embedded in a fat matrix. This protects the active substances and make them rumen- and gastro-stable. So they can produce their full effect at the target site in the intestine.

  • As components
    • in premix-, mineral- or supplementary feed

    The video of the process

    Our strength:
    Tailor-made solutions

    Image Tailor-Made Solutions Possible

    Based on our long-term experience we offer our partners customised solutions to produce innovative feed concepts.

    Our process:
    The encapsulation technology

    Verkapselungstechnologie, matrixverkapselte Wirkstoffe

    As specialist in encapsulation BEWITAL agri uses a unique production process of matrix-encapsulated active ingredients.