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Environmental protection is an important aspect of modern dairy farming. The focus lies primarily on reducing ammonia emissions and nitrogen leaching into the soil, as well as on reducing phosphorus emissions. However, the decisive economic aspects for farmers are stable and high yields from cows as well as good animal health.

In the past, rations with a high crude protein content were therefore used in feed to meet requirements. High crude protein levels are problematic not only from the point of view of the environment but also for animal health. It is therefore essential to strike a balance between input and output. If this is not done, large amounts of nitrogen are secreted unused, after first placing the cow’s liver and kidneys under stress.

This is why it is so important for dairy cows to obtain the right amount of amino acids. In rumen-protected form it is possible to supplement the ration in a targeted manner while at the same time not harming the environment. Urea can be used to provide rumen microbes with the nitrogen they need. For optimum processing, it must be released slowly in the rumen.

Our specialist feedstuffs provide your animals with the various active ingredients that they need. To protect the environment while optimising animal health.

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