Lysine & methionine optimise
feed protein efficiency


The challenge:

In high performing dairy, the synthesis of first limiting amino acids like methionine and lysine by rumen microbes is often limited. The situation in GMO-free rations is similar: rapeseed meal and other by-products also require additional supply of methionine and especially lysine.

The deficiency could theoretically be compensated by an increased supply of protein components; however, this stresses the metabolism of the dairy cow and costs energy. This strains animal health as well as the environment.

The specific supply of intestinal digestible methionine and lysine increases milk performance and nitrogen efficiency at the same time.

Your benefits:

  • Highly concentrated for the production of concentrates and feed supplements
  • Allows to decrease crude protein content without performance losses
  • Environmental relief through reduced N- and P excretions
  • For an improved profitability of the dairy farm
  • Stable, high performance and good health status of the cows
  • Highest availability of active ingredients due to special production process
  • Rumen-protected and optimally available in the intestine
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

BEWI-FATRIX® LM 101 is a combination of encapsulated lysine and methionine embedded in a matrix of rumen-stable fat. For a targeted supply of lysine and methionine in the small intestine of dairy cows.

  • Supports optimum amino acid supply with lower protein carrier levels
  • In fact better supply of the first limiting amino acids
  • Improvement of general metabolic functions
  • Improved protein efficiency through optimal protein feeding
  • Free flowing and easy to dose

Application area:

BEWI-FATRIX® LM 101 to optimise feed protein efficiency.


Feed 60-80 g BEWI-FATRIX® LM 101 per cow and day.

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