First limiting amino acid
in ruminants

BEWI-FATRIX® Methionine

The challenge:

Dairy cows are dependent on the supply of essential amino acids on intestinal level. Methionine is renowned as first limiting amino acid and furthermore, substantial for the synthesis of milk protein as well as a smooth fat metabolism in the liver.

During lactation peak, a competitive situation around methionine in the metabolism is quite common, leading to deficiencies. This situation can result in decreased milk performance and milk protein content while the risk of liver diseases increases. Compensating the deficiency by increasing the protein components in the ration can result in an excessive overload of liver and kidneys, as they are responsible for the disposal of the nitrogen surplus, being expressed in increased urea contents. The energy being lost for this adaptation is lacking for other metabolic processes.

Optimising the ration on amino acids is vital for a healthy and resource-friendly dairy production. However, this can only be realized by the supply of rumen-protected, intestinal digestible products.

Your benefits:

  • Highly concentrated for the production of concentrates and feed supplements
  • Prevents performance losses in crude protein-reduced rations
  • Reduces the risk of fatty liver and ketosis
  • Relieves the environment
  • Reduces feed costs
  • Highest availability of active ingredients due to special production proces
  • Rumen-protected and optimally available in the intestine
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

Our product BEWI-FATRIX® Methionine contains encapsulated methionine embedded in a matrix of rumen-stable fat. For a targeted supply of methionine in the small intestine of dairy cows.

  • Optimises amino acid supply and facilitates liver metabolism in dairy cows
  • The high digestibility of the protective matrix in the small intestine ensures optimum intestinal bioavailability
  • Makes up for the lack of methionine in the small intestine
  • Boosts milk production and increases levels of important milk components
  • Improves the metabolic health of cows and reduces the risk of ketosis
  • Free flowing and easy to dose

Application area:

To close the supply gap of methionine in the small intestine.


Feed 30-40 g BEWI-FATRIX® Methionine per cow and day.

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