We combine natural active ingredients in a targeted way
to release their full potential for agriculture.

Nowadays, animal nutrition is held to ever greater standards. Feedstuffs should not only be simple to use and always maintain the same high quality. They must also provide animals with all the nutrients they need, ensure high yields and naturally support health in order to reduce the use of medicines.

Research has discovered various active ingredients that have a positive effect on animal health. Our many years of experience show: The targeted combination of active ingredients makes the difference! For example, we process special herbal raw materials, essential oils and a wide variety of herbs.

Thanks to our special blending technology we are able not only to supply animals with the active ingredients in the best combination but also to maintain consistently high production standards of our products so that they are as easy as possible for the user to process.

of special mixture technology

Icon Flexibilität

High degree of flexibility

We can process both liquid and solid raw materials. We offer our customers a wide range of packaging options. Flexible batch sizes are also possible.

Icon Qualität

Consistent product quality

When developing our blends we ensure that each batch is the same. This means that we are able to make these blends available to our clients for an extended period.

Icon Akzeptanz

No cross-contamination

Due to the transport of the raw materials by a quicklift, carryover can be almost excluded. Production takes place from top to bottom “in free fall”.

Icon Dosiergenauigkeit

Maximum dosing accuracy

The system allows an exact dosing of small components with an accuracy of 10 g – for maximum precision.

Bild Spezialmischanlage

More than mixing

Flexible, precise, safe.

Our special mixing plant is flexibly aligned. This allows us to offer a wide range of services. In addition to the supply in big bags and 25 kg bags, we also offer different packaging sizes for small quantity filling.

Our know-how from the combination of raw materials makes new product ideas and also individual solutions according to customer requirements possible.

We are also happy to produce your products under your own label.

We are the right partner for:

  • Concentrates with special active ingredients for all animal species
  • Feed specialities (e.g. BEWI-SAN)
  • Innovative mixtures
  • Customised blends (tailor-made solutions)
  • Flexible batch sizes


Our strength:
Tailor-made solutions

Bild Tailor-Made Lösungen möglich

Based on our many years of experience, we offer customer-specific solutions for innovative feed concepts.

BEWI-SAN – Problem solvers for conventional farms


The problem solvers of our BEWI-SAN product line support animal health and development in a natural way.

BEWI-SANGREEN – Problem solvers for organic farms


The BEWI-SAN GREEN product line includes a range of problem solvers that have been specially developed for organic production.