Optimal rearing intensity

The optimal rearing intensity depends on the expected age at first calving and the breed.

To reach an aspired age at fi rst calving of 24 months Holstein-cows should have a daily weight gain of at least 800 g during the first five months.

Milk feeding concentration

In natural milk the medium content of dry matter is about 12.5 %. Calf milk replacer should have at least this concentration as well to ensure an optimal digestion.

By use of automatic feeders (e.g. Förster-Technik) the amount of g milk replacer per liter water must be entered (for example 143 g per liter water to get the desired target concentration of 125 g per liter milk drink).

desired concentration in
g per liter finished drink
amount of g milk replacer
in g per liter water

Drinking plans for calf rearing

The drinking plan should be selected according to the planned objective of rearing.

Our drinking plans are available for download here:

Drinking plans for feeder rearing

Our drinking plan is available for download here: