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Advances in breeding have led to a significant rise in milk yields. This leads to an enormous rise in nutrient and energy needs.

High-yielding cows can only receive the large amounts of energy they need if the energy density in their ration is correspondingly high. Fat has the highest energy density of all feedstuffs, and in rumen-stable form is ideal for boosting the energy content of rations. Rumen-stable fat powders allow cows to receive maximum energy from low feed volumes. This energy is particularly needed in high-yield and heat stress phases.

Cows are also often deficient in protein, especially essential amino acids. Cows also need amino acids in particular in order to maintain high yields, remain healthy and make the best use of feed for milk production. Methionine and lysine are the primary amino acids that limit yields. However, deficits cannot simply be made up by increasing the amount present in feed. The availability of the nutrients is important. They are only protected against premature breakdown in the rumen if they are available in rumen-stable form.

Our specialist feedstuffs provide your animals with targeted energy and nutrients for a high yield.

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