To improve palatability
and feed intake


The challenge:

A common problem in the first third of lactation is the limited ration intake. The rumen plays a central role in the digestion process of the major ration components. In addition to the palatability of the feed, also balanced supplies of fast, medium and slow degradable components are of utmost importance. They allow the ruminal microbes to function optimally.

Therefore it is important to optimise the cow’s energy supply with a combination of energy. This is available to, but also protected from, the rumen.

Your benefits:

  • Specially developed for use on the dairy farm
  • Energy-/active ingredient package
  • Delivers fast available energy
  • Increases feed intake, especially at the beginning of lactation
  • Improves growth in calf rearing
  • Dextrose improves the palatability of the ration
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

Our product BEWI-LACTO+® Sweet is a high-energy feed supplement for dairy cows and calves.

  • Combination of rumen stable fat and available sugar (dextrose)
  • Rumen stable fat has a direct effect on the cow’s metabolism
  • Dextrose improves the palatability and promotes feed intake
  • Improves the supply of energy to the cow and the ruminal bacteria
  • Also applicable in the calf breeding industry in order to exploit growth potential
  • Energy content: 21.4 MJ NEL/kg or 31 MJ ME/kg

Application area:

To increase feed intake especially at the beginning of lactation.


Feed 200-500 g per cow and day or 100-150 g per calf and day of BEWI-LACTO+® Sweet as feed supplement.