We are leaders in the technology for development and production of innovative specialty feed.

BEWITAL agri develops products that are ideally suited to the needs of today’s farming and feed industry, and this has been the case for over 50 years. This sets us apart from other suppliers.

Our feed concepts contribute to animal health, growth, yield and environmental protection.

Heat stress

According to forecasts, we will again face a hot, dry summer this year.

This leads to several problems for dairy farmers: falling crop quantities, poor basic feed quality and a drop in performance due to heat.

It is recommended to feed rumen-stable fat powder.
Rumen-stable fat relieves the cow's metabolism as they
release less heat during digestion compared to the
metabolisation of carbohydrates.

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The demands on animal nutrition are increasing all the time.

The feed should not only optimally meet the animals’ needs for nutrients, but also ensure high yields and support health naturally to reduce the use of medications.

We offer you solutions for various
animal health challenges.

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In modern livestock farming, a stable growth curve from the beginning is vital to financial success.

The aim is to make maximum use of growth potential while keeping animals healthy.

We offer solutions that help you give animals all
the nutrients they need from the start of rearing
through all subsequent phases of life.

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Energy supply is often the primary limiting factor for the achievement of high yields in livestock farming.

This is true for milk production, rearing and fattening.

We offer solutions for optimum supply of energy
and important nutrients that are essential to
obtaining high yields from your animals.

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Finding the right balance between health, yields and an efficient, environmentally-friendly feed system presents many farms with considerable challenges.

Feed optimisation requirements are as a result rising all the time.

Our solutions ensure that nutrients reach the sites
where they are needed in just the right amounts.

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We encapsulate ingredients
so that they reach the site where they take effect.

Thanks to our special cryotechnology we can achieve a high concentration of active ingredients and also protect the combination of multiple ingredients from breakdown in the rumen/stomach.

The fat sources used for matrix encapsulation form the basis for targeted release of the active ingredients and complete availability for the animals.

Protected in stomach/rumen…...for best availability in the small intestine.

The BEWI-FATRIX® technology:

As a specialist in encapsulation, BEWITAL agri applies a specific process for the production of matrix-encapsulated active ingredients.

The BEWI-FATRIX® concepts:

The matrix-encapsulated solutions of our BEWI-FATRIX® line guarantee optimum protection and availability in the small intestine.

Our strength:
Tailor-made solutions

Based on our many years of experience, we offer customer-specific solutions for innovative feed concepts.

Our BEWI-SAN products:
Also available for organic farms

The BEWI-SAN Green-line may be used in ecological/organic production.


Emission reduction in dairy cattle

Rumen-protected fats (BEWI-SPRAY®) allow an effective energy improvement of the ration without offering a substrate for methanogenic microorganisms. The methane emission is not increased despite a higher energy supply.

By using rumen-protected amino acids (BEWI-FATRIX®) and rumen-stable fats (BEWI-SPRAY®) it is possible to optimise dairy cattle rations as regards the utilisation of protein and energy carriers.

At the same time these products allow a targeted reduction of the nitrogen, phosphorus and methane emissions per kg milk

We are expanding our team!

We position ourselves for the future from a personnel perspective and have strengthened our team with four experienced employees.

They are there for you from now on and they are happy to help you with any questions!

New “Innovation Center”

Innovation is based on research. Our own department for research & product development thrives to drive on innovations at BEWITAL agri.

To give them appropriated space for innovations, the constructions of the new Innovation Center are now completed.


From now on our field sales team is available again personally! Personal customer visits are allowed to take place in accordance with hygiene regulations.

We are looking forward to meet you again, take care and stay healthy.