We are leaders in the technology for development and production of innovative specialty feed.

BEWITAL agri develops products that are ideally suited to the needs of today’s farming and feed industry, and this has been the case for over 60 years. This sets us apart from other suppliers.

Our feed concepts contribute to animal health, growth, yield and environmental protection.

"Gut it!"

Our goal is to create healthy animal nutrition together with you.

That is why we focus on natural feeding concepts that can help to develop the intestinal health of your animals as early as possible and maintain it in the long term.

We urge you: Ensure a healthy intestinal flora for your
animals now – let’s “gut it!”.

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Add-on module QS-Soyplus

We would like to inform you that our products containing soy protein concentrate may be used by or supplied to QS certified companies. The soy protein concentrate we use as a raw material meets the requirements of the QS guidelines for the add-on module QS-Soyplus, which will be valid from 1 January 2024.

BEWITAL agri is registered in the QS database as a supplier
for the add-on module QS-Soyplus.

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Efficient feeding reduces emissions

The basis of sustainable milk production is the supply of energy andproteins in line with requirements.

Rumen-protected amino acids and rumen-stable fats are an important building block for this. In addition, emissions of nitrogen, phosphorus and methane are also reduced.

With our products BEWI-SPRAY® and BEWI-FATRIX® you can
feed efficiently and reduce emissions at the same time.

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Healthy gut – healthy piglet

A healthy intestine is crucial for the development of a healthy piglet.

The mix of natural components such as bananas, carrots and carob flour in the new dietary feed supplement BEWI-SAN Digest promotes positive intestinal development already in young suckling piglets and ensures early feed intake - a decisive advantage for the entire rearing period.

The positive effects of the product were also
confirmed in a practical test.

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Colostrum – the sooner the better

Piglets are born without maternal immunity. Therefore, earliest colostrum intake is essential for newborns.

However, litter sizes are increasing and the amount of colostrum per piglet and the quality may be insufficient. In our field trial the effectiveness of BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+ on sows’ colostrum quality was tested.

Feeding trial confirmes: BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+
increases colostrum quality directly after farrowing.

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Skilful feeding of suckling piglets

In practice, there are various approaches to raising live-born piglets safely and achieving high weaning weights even in larger litters.

In particular, the aim is to increase the survival chances of smaller and less vital piglets.

Early supplementary feeding of the suckling piglets plays
an important role to the economic success.

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We encapsulate ingredients
so that they reach the site where they take effect.

Thanks to our special cryotechnology we can achieve a high concentration of active ingredients and also protect the combination of multiple ingredients from breakdown in the rumen/stomach.

The fat sources used for matrix encapsulation form the basis for targeted release of the active ingredients and complete availability for the animals.

Protected in the stomach/rumen……for best availability in the small intestine.

The BEWI-FATRIX® technology:

As a specialist in encapsulation, BEWITAL agri applies a specific process for the production of matrix-encapsulated active ingredients.

The BEWI-FATRIX® concepts:

The matrix-encapsulated solutions of our BEWI-FATRIX® line guarantee optimum protection and availability in the small intestine.

Our strength:
Tailor-made solutions

Bild Labor mit Dr. Michael Hovenjürgen und Dr. Jan Voss

Based on our many years of experience, we offer customer-specific solutions for innovative feed concepts.

Our BEWI-SAN products:
Also available for organic farms

Logo BEWI-SAN Green, suitable for ecological/organic production

The BEWI-SAN Green-line may be used in ecological/organic production.


Efficient feeding reduces emissions

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Rumen-stable fats (BEWI-SPRAY®) allow an effective energetic enhancement of the ration without  providing substrate for methanogenic microorganisms. Methane emission is even reduced in relation to the higher energy supply per unit of “milk volume produced“.

By using rumen-protected amino acids (BEWI-FATRIX®) and rumen-stable fats (BEWI-SPRAY®), dairy cow rations can be optimized in terms of protein and energy source use. At the same time, these products enable the targeted reduction of nitrogen, phosphorus and methane emission per kg of milk.

Agrarschau Allgäu 2024

From 18 to 22 April 2024 you will find us again at the Agrarschau Allgäu in Dietmannsried. Visit us in the exhibition tent at stand Z228.

Our sales team member Axel Reigber will be on site every day from 9:00 – 17:30 to present our products to you. We look forward to your visit!

BOKU-Symposium 2024

We are pleased to announce our participation in the 22st BOKU Symposium Animal Nutrition 2024. It will take place on Thursday, 29 February 2024 in Vienna. The general theme of this year’s event is: “Effects of a special feeding concept in sows and piglets on rearing performance in the suckling period”.

Our colleagues Dr Ralph Schemmer and Dr Michael Hovenjürgen will attend the conference.

BAT-Conference 2023

The Bavarian Working Group Animal Nutrition (BAT) organizes its 61th annual conference this year at the LfL in Poing/Grub. The general topic is: “Successful young animal rearing for animal well-being and more sustainability”. Again, we were represented with a scientific contribution.

The title of our poster was: “Use of a rumen-stable combination of fat, lecithin and methionine in dairy cows in practice”.