We are leaders in the technology for development and production of innovative specialty feed.

BEWITAL agri develops products that are ideally suited to the needs of today’s farming and feed industry, and this has been the case for over 50 years. This sets us apart from other suppliers.

Our feed concepts contribute to animal health, growth, yield and environmental protection.

Energy supply: Important for high milk yields!

Prolonged drought and difficult weather conditions can lead to difficulties in the basic feed supply, both in terms of quantity and quality.

The energy supply of the high-yield cow therefore requires special attention.

The use of BEWI-SPRAY® RS 70 and BEWI-SPRAY® 99 M
is particularly suitable before calving and at
the beginning of lactation.

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INNOV'SPACE award winner

Our dairy innovation BEWI-FATRIX® LM 101 was awarded by the jury for Innov'Space (1*) award.

With BEWI-FATRIX LM® 101 we offer a further developed product to easily add both amino acids lysine & methionine in a rumen-protected shape.

Meet us at SPACE in Rennes to discover the product.
You can find us in HALL 9 | A18

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Enhance rations with amino acids

Through the targeted optimisation of amino acid supply in the cow’s small intestine, expensive purchased protein feeds can be saved. In most rations, it is even possible to improve milk yield and milk constituents by more accurate amino acid supply.

In addition to the significantly improved economic efficiency, there is also a potential for reduced nitrogen and phosphorus excretion. The efficiency of dairy cow husbandry increases.

BEWI-FATRIX® LM 101 helps to further increase the
efficiency of milk production on the farm
and to further reduce the usage of expensive protein feeds.

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The best ideas "grow" in the stable

The foundation for business success is laid as early as the feeding of the young animals. Nobody knows the feed requirements of the animals as well as the farmer himself.

That is why one aspect is particularly important to us in our daily work: practicability!

On our partner farm for pigs, we can test the products under
practical conditions for their benefits for the animal and
farmer before launching them on the market.

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Intensive feeding is cost-effective!

Due to the rising prices for calf milk, several farm managers are playing with the idea of using whole milk instead of milk replacer during calf rearing.

However, this does not make sense from a health and economic point of view!

A study shows: Intensively raised calves have a
higher milk yield during their lactation.

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We encapsulate ingredients
so that they reach the site where they take effect.

Thanks to our special cryotechnology we can achieve a high concentration of active ingredients and also protect the combination of multiple ingredients from breakdown in the rumen/stomach.

The fat sources used for matrix encapsulation form the basis for targeted release of the active ingredients and complete availability for the animals.

Protected in the stomach/rumen……for best availability in the small intestine.

The BEWI-FATRIX® technology:

As a specialist in encapsulation, BEWITAL agri applies a specific process for the production of matrix-encapsulated active ingredients.

The BEWI-FATRIX® concepts:

The matrix-encapsulated solutions of our BEWI-FATRIX® line guarantee optimum protection and availability in the small intestine.

Our strength:
Tailor-made solutions

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Based on our many years of experience, we offer customer-specific solutions for innovative feed concepts.

Our BEWI-SAN products:
Also available for organic farms

Logo BEWI-SAN Green, suitable for ecological/organic production

The BEWI-SAN Green-line may be used in ecological/organic production.


Encapsulated additives

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The matrix encapsulation process on the basis of hydrogenated vegetable fats allows the use of feed components and active ingredients whose use in unprotected form is not possible or useful or could have negative effects.

In ruminants, these include not only amino acids and water-soluble vitamins, but also other active ingredients which are largely broken down in the rumen without protection.

In monogastric animals, various active substances are inactivated in the stomach or can have unprotected negative effects on feed intake.

SPACE 2022 in Rennes (FR)

From 13 to 15 September 2022 BEWITAL agri will participate in the international livestock fair SPACE. The trade show will take place in Rennes, France.

Would you like to learn more about BEWITAL agri’s innovative specialty feeds and encapsulated active ingredients? Then visit us in Hall 9 | Booth 18.

VIV Europe Utrecht 2022

VIV Europe 2022 in Utrecht

VIV Europe is the top-quality event for the animal protein industry. It promotes the latest innovations of the industry every 4 years.

Please visit us at Hall 8 | Booth E026 and discover our innovative special feed solutions.

BOKU-Symposium 2022

suckling piglets

The 20th BOKU symposium Animal Nutrition 2022 had the general topic “Bioactive Substances in Animal Nutrition: Functions and Future”. We were again represented with a scientific contribution.

The current study examined the influence of an encapsulated fatty acid combination and phytogenic additives on certain parameters of the lactating sow.