We are leaders in the technology for development and production of innovative specialty feed.

BEWITAL agri develops products that are ideally suited to the needs of today’s farming and feed industry, and this has been the case for over 60 years. This sets us apart from other suppliers.

Our feed concepts contribute to animal health, growth, yield and environmental protection.

Video production with the DVT

High-yielding dairy cows need one thing above all: sufficient energy. But feed intake is limited.

Rumen-stable fat powders are therefore an important component of the ration to provide cows with an optimum supply of energy.

In the DVT video series “FutterFragen”, we explain
how rumen-stable fat powders are produced
and what efficiency benefits they offer.

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How to raise a healthy calf

The calf is born without a fully developed immune system and relies on immunoglobulin-rich colostrum to establish immunity.

An intensive milk feeding program starting immediately after birth with an enhanced colostrum intake followed by intensive milk replacer feeding supports postnatal growth and development of dairy calves.

The goal of calf rearing is a healthy, highly productive dairy cow.

To achieve this, the health of the preweaning calf
is very important.

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Heat? Adjust Feeding!

Pigs have relatively few sweat glands, making heat periods problematic for them as they cannot dissipate warmth efficiently. Consequently, sows consume less feed in hot weather to produce less digestive heat. This leads to a significant issue because the feed intake capacity of lactating sows is already limited. The energy gap becomes even larger at high temperatures.

To minimize the effects of heat on pigs, a targeted approach
is necessary.

We recommend incorporating powdered fats into the ration.

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"Gut it!"

Our goal is to create healthy animal nutrition together with you.

That is why we focus on natural feeding concepts that can help to develop the intestinal health of your animals as early as possible and maintain it in the long term.

We urge you: Ensure a healthy intestinal flora for your
animals now – let’s “gut it!”.

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Efficient feeding reduces emissions

The basis of sustainable milk production is the supply of energy andproteins in line with requirements.

Rumen-protected amino acids and rumen-stable fats are an important building block for this. In addition, emissions of nitrogen, phosphorus and methane are also reduced.

With our products BEWI-SPRAY® and BEWI-FATRIX® you can
feed efficiently and reduce emissions at the same time.

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Healthy gut – healthy piglet

A healthy intestine is crucial for the development of a healthy piglet.

The mix of natural components such as bananas, carrots and carob flour in the new dietary feed supplement BEWI-SAN Digest promotes positive intestinal development already in young suckling piglets and ensures early feed intake - a decisive advantage for the entire rearing period.

The positive effects of the product were also
confirmed in a practical test.

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Animal health begins in the gut.

Did you also know that 70 to 80 percent of an animal’s immune system is located in the gut?
So the gut plays a key role in health and performance. Therefore, our primary goal should be to promote healthy intestinal development as early as possible and to maintain it afterwards.

Because: Only a healthy intestine can optimally absorb and digest nutrients.

Intestinal health in calves:

Intestinal health is a crucial factor for well-being and performance. An adapted feeding is of great importance in this context.

Intestinal health in piglets:

A healthy intestine is crucial for the development of a healthy piglet. What is missed in piglet age cannot be recovered later on.

Our strength:
Tailor-made solutions

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Based on our many years of experience, we offer customer-specific solutions for innovative feed concepts.

Our BEWI-SAN products:
Also available for organic farms

Logo BEWI-SAN Green, suitable for ecological/organic production

The BEWI-SAN Green-line may be used in ecological/organic production.


Efficient feeding reduces emissions

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Rumen-stable fats (BEWI-SPRAY®) allow an effective energetic enhancement of the ration without  providing substrate for methanogenic microorganisms. Methane emission is even reduced in relation to the higher energy supply per unit of “milk volume produced“.

By using rumen-protected amino acids (BEWI-FATRIX®) and rumen-stable fats (BEWI-SPRAY®), dairy cow rations can be optimized in terms of protein and energy source use. At the same time, these products enable the targeted reduction of nitrogen, phosphorus and methane emission per kg of milk.

Video production with the DVT

In the DVT video series “FutterFragen”, we explain how rumen-stable fat powders are produced and the efficiency benefits they offer.

High-yielding dairy cows need sufficient energy above all, but their feed intake is limited. Rumen-stable fat powders are therefore an important component of the ration in order to provide cows with an optimum supply of energy.

SPACE 2024 in Rennes (FR)

From 17 to 19 September 2024 BEWITAL agri will participate in the international livestock fair SPACE. The trade show will take place in Rennes, France.

Would you like to learn more about BEWITAL agri’s innovative specialty feeds? Then visit us in Hall 9 | Booth 18. Our team will present you our product innovations for dairy cattle and pigs in Rennes.

Rottalschau 2024 (GER)

From 29 August to 3 September 2024, the Karpfham Festival and the Rottalschau will once again take place in Karpfham.

Visit us at our trade partner QUEBAG’s stand and discover our new products. Our sales representative Axel Reigber will be on site for you every day.