Energy plus active ingredient
for the metabolism.

High-yielding cows often lack important nutrients that are vital to their health and yield potential, especially in the early stages of lactation.

The deficit cannot be offset simply by adding ingredients such as protein carriers to their feed. The availability of the nutrients is important. In ruminants, many vitamins, amino acids and other plant ingredients are broken down by the rumen bacteria and so are no longer available
in the small intestine, which is where they are needed.

Consequently, feeding ingredients in unprotected form is associated with high losses in the rumen. In most cases the animal actually only receives 5 to 10 % of the active ingredient.

Feed animal- and environmentally friendly

We use a special encapsulation process to protect nutrients from being broken down in the rumen. The active ingredients are coated in a matrix of rumen-stable fat

BEWI-LACTO+® you can provide your animals with targeted energy and nutrients. To maintain health at high performance.

Our BEWI-LACTO+® products are specially developed for use straight on the dairy farm.

  • Liver health
  • Fertility
  • Amino acid supply
  • Environment

The product line BEWI-LACTO+® contains combination products that perform special functions in the metabolism of dairy cows.

BEWI-LACTO+® products are based on the fat powders of our BEWI-SPRAY® line combined with various metabolically active ingredients of our BEWI-FATRIX® line such as amino acids, vitamins, urea and dextrose.

  • Straight on the farm
    • mixed into the TMR
    • as top dressing
    • via special feed doser


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    Our strength:
    Tailor-made solutions

    Image Tailor-Made Solutions Possible

    Based on our long-term experience we offer our partners customised solutions to produce innovative feed concepts.

    Our process:
    The dry mixing

    Bild Wendelmischer Technologie

    BEWITAL agri uses a special mixing technology. This way, refined fats can be combined with metabolically active ingredients.