Climate report 2020

Greenhouse gases (GHGs) trap heat and increase the temperature on our planet. The resulting change in our climate is one of the defining issues of our time. Agriculture plays a crucial role in reducing GHG emissions.

BEWITAL agri acts

As a leading specialist in sustainable livestock nutrition and innovative specialty feeds, it is our declared goal to protect the environment in all our activities and to keep the negative impact on the
environment as low as possible.

From production to delivery


This enables us to provide the best possible support to agriculture in the pursuit of environmental protection and sustainability. The environmental impact of our business and production processes is constantly reviewed, assessed and, if necessary, optimized. For example, when purchasing new equipment, we give preference to environmentally compatible and energy-saving models. In our environmental protection efforts, we explicitly want to go beyond the minimum legal standard.

Our carbon footprint

For BEWITAL agri, everything starts with transparency about our emissions. This document outlines our key motives for accounting for our greenhouse gas emissions. The project was prompted by the decision that, as a family-owned company, we want to live up to our own responsibility in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in order to safeguard the livelihood of future generations.

Therefore, we are now publishing a climate report for the first time that quantifies the C02 footprint of our production processes at our site.

74% CO2 emissions avoided by sourcing climate-neutral electricity

When comparing total GHG emissions, we found that by 2020 we could already avoid 74% of our total CO2 emissions by sourcing climate-neutral electricity.Graph CO2 Emissions 2020

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