For an optimal supply of nitrogen
to ruminal microbes


The challenge:

The most important issues for high performance during the lactation period are, not only energy supply, but also an adequate supply of rumen protein and nitrogen. This guarantees the optimal formation of bacterial protein.

An insufficient supply of ruminal microbes leads to a reduction of ruminal protein production. Also, the milk protein synthesis deteriorates.

Rumen microbes need two components to synthesize
microbial protein: nitrogen (from ration or urea) but also energy (from fibre, starch or sugar).

Your benefits:

  • Specially developed for use on the dairy farm
  • Constant release during the day through special encapsulation (slow release urea)
  • Normal feed urea has the disadvantage of quick release and is therefore less effective
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

BEWI-LACTO+ Urea is made from the raw material urea, which is covered by a special fat coating. This coating contains multiple pores through which the urea can disperse slowly in
the rumen.

  • 87 % urea (ration quality), protected by a fat coating
  • Slow release in the rumen to deliver nitrogen for ruminal microbes
  • Ruminal fermentation becomes more efficient delivering amino acids to the ruminant

Application area:

Slow release urea for an optimal supply of nitrogen to ruminal microbes.


The daily amount of BEWI-LACTO+ Urea should not exceed 30 g per 100 kg live weight. Urea shall only be fed to animals with a functional rumen.

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