As a follow-up milk or
liquid prestarter

BEWI-MILK® Piglet Grow

BEWI-MILK® Piglet Grow is our high-quality milk replacer. BEWI-SAN® Piglet Grow can be used as a follow-up milk or liquid prestarter

The challenge:

Sufficient supply of high-quality feed to the piglets is a particular challenge due to the increasing litter size. The feeds used must meet the highest standards and always be adapted to the animals’ needs.

Special attention is paid to the enzymatic digestion of the piglets. From the 2nd week of life, piglets are more and more able to digest vegetable starch and proteins. Early preparation for plant-based digestion also significantly reduces problems around weaning.

Your benefits:

  • High-quality milk replacer
  • Creation of an optimal growth basis
  • Early preparation for plant digestion
  • Reduction of problems around weaning
  • Flexible in use
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

BEWI-MILK® Piglet Grow was specially as a follow-up milk to the BEWI-MILK® Piglet products.

  • Tasty and highly digestible
  • With lactic acid bacteria to stabilise the intestinal flora
  • Can be used as follow-up milk or liquid prestarter
  • Selective choice of vegetable starch and protein sources
  • For vital and fast-growing piglets
  • For cost-effective feeding

Application area:

Before weaning, from the 10th day of life to supplement or replace sow’s milk in case of milk deficiency. For weak piglets, after weaning, to increase feed intake and prevent diarrhoea.
Only for piglets up to 12 weeks of age.


125-200 g BEWI-MILK® Piglet Grow per liter of lukewarm water.

Dissolve completely and without lumps.

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