BAT-conference: new study presented

The 57th conference of the Bavarian Working Group Animal Nutrition e.V. (BAT) takes place in Grub, Germany. This conference presents latest insights around the general topic “Sustainable animal nutrition: balancing successful feeding, economy, biodiversity and environment”.

Here, Dr. Michael Hovenjürgen presented our latest study on: “Effects of rumen-stable amino acids in dairy cows – actual results from practical trials with methionine and lysine”.

The results in brief:

  • The addition of rumen-stable methionine and rumen-stable lysine lead to an increase in milk performance of 2.3 kg. At the same time, an increase in milk fat synthesis of 0.12 kg/day was observed as well as a tendencial increase in milk protein yield.
  • The effects of added rumen-stable amino acids (methionine and lysine) in this study underline and confirm the importance of an adequate amino acid supply of dairy cows in case of rations where higher amounts of co-products are included.