Post-colostrum milk for larger litters
and in case of insufficient colostrum intake

BEWI-SAN Piglet Start

The challenge:

Piglets are born without their own immune system. Therefore, early colostrum intake is essential for the newborns. Due to the pig’s placental barrier, they are born without maternal antibodies. This means they do not have any protection against infections. For this reason, an immediate as well as adequate supply of colostrum is not only essential but also plays a decisive role in farrowing management.

However, litter sizes are incresing. So, the amount of colostrum per piglet may be insufficient. Especially the piglets that are both lighter and less vital at birth receive less colostrum. As a result, they have poorer starting conditions. When having very large litters or those with below-average milk yields of the sows, this can quickly lead to gaps in supply for the suckling piglets.

In these situations, it is recommended to offer the piglets a post-colostrum milk, such as BEWI-SAN Piglet Start.

Your benefits:

  • High-quality supply for large litters
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Stabilises the intestinal flora
  • Very good acceptance due to special flavor and sweetener concept
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

Our supplementary feed BEWI-SAN Piglet Start is used to support the immunity of newborn piglets directly after birth.

  • Prevents dehydration and stabilises the electrolyte balance
  • Supports the piglet in the case of insufficient colostrum intake and low resistance
  • With immunoglobulins and special egg powder (rich in antibodies)
  • With isotonic premix to protect the sensitive intestinal tissue
  • Contains lactic acid bacteria to stabilise the intestinal flora
  • With all important vitamins to support the immune system in the first weeks of life

Application area:

BEWI-SAN Piglet Start is a post-colostrum milk for larger litters and in case of insufficient colostrum intake of newborn piglets.


Dissolve 150-200 g BEWI-SAN Piglet Start in 1 litre of lukewarm water (max. 40 °C). Immediately after birth until the 4th/5th day of life (ensure colostrum intake); then switch to a milk from the BEWI-MILK® Piglet programme.