In case of infectious calf diarrhoea
(e.g. caused by cryptosporidia)

BEWI-SAN Prevent C

The challenge:

Calf diarrhoea continues to cause major problems on many farms. Studies have shown that cryptosporidia form the largest part of diarrhoea pathogens. Once a farm is infected the best colostrums management and hygiene methods will not help. Cryptosporidia are very resistant and very difficult to control.

During this time the active immunity of the calf is not fully developed. In order to secure rearing at high risk of infections a support of the calf is useful.

Your benefits:

  • Proven in practice: more than 310,000 calves successfully fed
  • Reduces the risk of infection (e.g. caused by cryptosporidia)
  • Contributes to whole milk feeding and delivers with vitamins and trace elements
  • Stabilises digestion
  • Reduces the need of veterinary treatment
  • Easy application in milk
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

Our dietary feed BEWI-SAN Prevent C was specially developed to stabilise the physiological digestion of newborn calves.

  • NEW: Now additionally with carob gum, has a supportive effect on unspecific digestive problems due to the high proportion of swellable fiber
  • Special formulation with organic acids supports digestion and stabilises the colostrum for at least 12 hours
  • Lactic acid bacteria protect the intestinal mucosa and promote the natural intestinal flora
  • Optimal combination of essential vitamins and trace elements prevents signs and symptoms of deficiency
  • With appetising fenugreek

Application area:

To be used in cases of infectious diarrhoea caused by e.coli, rota-/corona viruses or cryptosporidia.


Use BEWI-SAN Prevent C from second meal onwards during the first 8-14 days of life. 10 g BEWI-SAN Prevent C per litre of milk. At least 60 g per calf and day.


Remember to give your calves the best living conditions. We recommend thorough cleaning and disinfection with effective substances (e.g. ALDECOC® CMK).

For more information, see:

    The video of the product

    What our customers say about BEWI-SAN Prevent C

    Worry-free rearing
    for more than 4 years

    Milchviehbetrieb Verbücheln KG mit Betriebsleiter Reiner Verbücheln

    „I was pleased to find BEWI-SAN Prevent C so easy to use. The product is very reliably effective, also improves the quality of whole milk and calms the animals. Since I started using it, I have very rarely had to call the vet to treat diarrhoea in calves.“

    Reiner Verbücheln, farm manager of Verbücheln KG
    (Dairy farm with 400 cows in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)

    More than 1300 calves
    successfully fed

    Portrait Kalb in Abkalbebox Nahaufnahme

    „Calves fed on BEWI-SAN Prevent C are very keen to feed and agile. We now use the product with all calves directly after birth. Since then, we have hardly had any problems with diarrhoeal diseases and have been able to rear more than 1300 healthy calves.“

    Robert Anneken, farm manager of Witte & Anneken GbR
    (Dairy farm with 280 cows in Lower Saxony, Germany)