For beast milk supplement/ replacement

BEWI-SAN Calf-Start

The challenge:

Calves do not obtain any immunoglobulins from the cow´s uterus. Directly after birth the calf’s immunity is based only on the supply of colostrum. This is why a sufficient but also fast supply of colostrum is required.

In case of an insufficient supply of immunoglobulins, there are problems such as high mortality, total losses, poor weight gains but also high costs of treatment pre-programmed. Deficiencies in the first hours of living are difficult to compensate in future.

In certain situations, colostrum supplement or replacement is particularly recommended. For example in the case of purchased animals, heifers, sick mother animals (e.g. udder problems), lack of colostrum or also when the mother animal dies.

Your benefits:

  • High quality care right from the start
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

Our feed supplement BEWI-SAN Calf-Start is used to supplement/ replace beast’s milk for newborn calves.

  • The colostrum supply is critical for new born calves and is major influence for later growth
  • In case there is no colostrum, the cows died or in case of udder inflammations
  • With lactic acid bacteria’s to stabilise the gut flora
  • With immunoglobulins from the first milking from cows (IBR free) and special antibody rich egg powder
  • With beta-carotene and all important vitamins to support the immune system

Application area:

Is used immediately after birth (within the first few hours) as a replacement or supplement for colostrum (e.g. for purchased animals, heifers, sick mother animals or premature colostrum loss).


As colostrum replacement directly after birth (within the first 2 hours) solve 400 g BEWI-SAN Calf-Start in 2 l warm water (40 °C) and let the calf drink it.

For second feeding repeat this after 6-8 hours.


1 can = 800 g (enough for 2 servings) is equivalent to 4 liters of high quality colostrum.

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