For feeding in the first days of life

BEWI-SAN Start Flakes

The challenge:

According to current studies, the majority of young calves’ diarrhoea occurring until the 14th day of life is of an infectious nature (e.g. due to clostridia). In addition, feeding-related problems can occur during the changeover phase.

For this reason, securing health and immunity is of great importance. Both of these can be promoted with a small intake of BEWI-SAN Start Flakes.

Your benefits:

  • Ideal for feeding young calves
  • Ensures a high feed intake
  • Promotes early rumen function
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)

Our solution:

The energy-rich supplementary feed BEWI-SAN Start Flakes is for calves for starter feeding during the first days of life.

  • Very good, highly digestible and tasty mixture supporting high feed intake
  • The optimal supply of energy and protein in a balanced way
  • Special vegetable fatty acids affect as activated components specifically the microflora
  • Flavoring and appetising substances promote appetite

Application area:

For feeding in the first days of life.


Offer BEWI-SAN Start Flakes and clean drinking water ad libitum in addition to the milk feeding during the first weeks of a calf’s life.

With a sufficient intake of 1 to 1.5 kg per animal and day, a problem-free changeover to mixed rations / good silages and concentrated feed is possible.


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