For problems in the near-birth period
(e.g. metabolic problems)

BEWI-SAN Dairylyt

The challenge:

Dairy cows are exposed to particularly high strain during calving, which can thus significantly affect the start-up phase of lactation but also the cow´s further life.

The consequences of a birth are a dramatic loss of liquid through the passing of the amniotic fluid.

In order to prevent the cow from these deficiencies directly after calving, providing support with a calving drink is recommended.

Your benefits:

  • Optimal acceptance confirmed in practice
  • Fast available energy
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

Our feed supplement BEWI-SAN Dairylyt is a calving drink for quick vitalisation directly after calving.

  • Compensates the lack of fluids, electrolytes and minerals
  • Glucose boosts energy and vitamins after birth
  • Improves feed intake after calving
  • Optimal acceptance due to newly developed combination of aroma and flavour substances

Application area:

For problems in the near-birth period (e.g. metabolic problems).


500 g of BEWI-SAN Dairylyt per 20 litre of lukewarm water directly after calving (1-1.5 kg per cow). After ingestion, offer another 500 g in 20 liters of lukewarm water. Reduce the concentration after taking in 40 litres.

    What our customers say about BEWI-SAN Dairylyt

    No problems with
    abomasal displacement
    in 335 calvings

    Milchviehbetrieb Milchhof KG Beilrode mit Betriebsleiterin Heidi Kluge

    „The BEWI-SAN Dairylyt cow drink is very well accepted by cows. As a result, we are able to provide the animals with lost fluid, electrolytes and minerals immediately after giving birth.

    The animals regain fitness very quickly and are immediately keen to consume feed for newly lactating cows.

    Heidi Kluge, farm manager of Milchhof KG Beilrode
    (Dairy farm with 950 cows in Saxony, Germany)