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BEWI-SAN Piglet Start

Product image BEWI-SAN Piglet Start

The challenge: Piglets are born without their own immune system. Therefore, early colostrum intake is essential for the newborns. Due to the pig’s placental barrier, they are born without maternal antibodies. This means they do not have any protection against infections. For this reason, an immediate as well as adequate supply of colostrum is not […]


Product image BEWI-SAN Milk+ Green

The challenge: Whole milk feeding for calves often comes with risks. Although this method seems to be the most natural, the nutrient supply of calves receiving solely whole milk is often not sufficient. Due to genetic breeding, milk composition but also quantities have changed and no longer fit to the demand of calves. Essential vitamins, […]


Product image BEWI-SAN Dairylyt Green

The challenge: During calving, the dairy cow is under a severe stress situation. However, calving can affect the start of lactation but also longevity significantly. The consequences of birth are a dramatic loss of liquid through the passing of the amniotic fluid. In order to prevent the cow from these deficiencies directly after calving, providing […]

BEWI-SAN Piglet Power

Product image BEWI-SAN Piglet Power

The challenge: The immune system of piglets is very slow to develop, which means that suckling piglets in the critical first four weeks of life are particularly vulnerable to diarrhoea conditions. Diarrhoea is an intestinal condition that manifests mainly as watery stools, dehydration but also weight loss. The growth depressions cannot be made up later. […]

BEWI-SAN Start Flakes

The challenge: According to current studies, the majority of young calves’ diarrhoea occurring until the 14th day of life is of an infectious nature (e.g. due to clostridia). In addition, feeding-related problems can occur during the changeover phase. For this reason, securing health and immunity is of great importance. Both of these can be promoted […]

BEWI-SAN Dairylyt

Product image BEWI-SAN Dairylyt

The challenge: Dairy cows are exposed to particularly high strain during calving, which can thus significantly affect the start-up phase of lactation but also the cow´s further life. The consequences of a birth are a dramatic loss of liquid through the passing of the amniotic fluid. In order to prevent the cow from these deficiencies […]

BEWI-SAN Fresser Vital

Produktbild BEWI-SAN Fresser Vital

The challenge: Transport-related stress but also bringing many calves from different sources together are among the main reasons for the rapid spread of disease pathogens. In addition, the levels of vitamins and trace elements supplied greatly vary from calf to calf and are often inadequate. This can lead to reduced immunity in the calf. These […]

BEWI-SAN Calf-Start

Product image BEWI-SAN Calf-Start

The challenge: Calves do not obtain any immunoglobulins from the cow´s uterus. Directly after birth the calf’s immunity is based only on the supply of colostrum. This is why a sufficient but also fast supply of colostrum is required. In case of an insufficient supply of immunoglobulins, there are problems such as high mortality, total […]


Product image BEWI-SAN Milk+

The challenge: When feeding calves on dairy farms with whole milk there is always a risk. Although whole milk feeding seems to be the natural method, the nutrient supply of calves based only on whole milk is often insufficient. Milk composition and quantity has changed due to genetic breeding and it is no longer adequate […]

BEWI-SAN Defender

The challenge: At the start of the weaning phase, only small amounts of solid feed are ingested. The objective must be to slowly get the entire group accustomed to solid food without any decreases in performance. Investigations show that a period of 2 to 3 weeks should be planned for the reduction of milk feeding. […]


Product image BEWI-SAN Pulmo

The challenge: During rearing, the animals’ growth potential should be optimally utilised. Negative factors during this phase costs the animal energy and therefore usually also growth. Supporting the immune system is therefore of great importance. This can prevent growth depression and minimise financial losses. Negative factors can include transport, rehousing or feed changes. Appetite-stimulating substances […]