For problems in the near-birth period
(e.g. metabolic problems)


The challenge:

During calving, the dairy cow is under a severe stress situation. However, calving can affect the start of lactation but also longevity significantly.

The consequences of birth are a dramatic loss of liquid through the passing of the amniotic fluid.

In order to prevent the cow from these deficiencies directly after calving, providing support with a calving drink is recommended.

Your benefits:

  • Suitable for organic/ecological farms
  • Optimal acceptance confirmed in practice
  • Fast available energy
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

Our feed supplement BEWI-SAN Dairylyt GREEN is a cow drink for quick vitalisation directly after calving.

May be used in organic production in accordance with regulation (EU) 2018/848. DE-ÖKO-003

  • Compensates the lack of fluids, electrolytes and minerals
  • Glucose boosts energy and vitamins after birth
  • Improves feed intake after calving
  • Optimal acceptance due to newly developed combination of aroma and flavor substances

Application area:

For problems in the near-birth period (e.g. metabolic problems).


500 g of BEWI-SAN Dairylyt GREEN per 20 litre of lukewarm water directly after calving (1-1.5 kg per cow). After ingestion, offer another 500 g in 20 liters of lukewarm water. Reduce the concentration after taking in 40 liters.