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BEWI-SAN Piglet Start

Product image BEWI-SAN Piglet Start

The challenge: Piglets are born without their own immune system. Therefore, early colostrum intake is essential for the newborns. Due to the pig’s placental barrier, they are born without maternal antibodies. This means they do not have any protection against infections. For this reason, an immediate as well as adequate supply of colostrum is not […]

BEWI-MILK® Piglet Grow

BEWI-MILK® Piglet Grow is our high-quality milk replacer. BEWI-SAN® Piglet Grow can be used as a follow-up milk or liquid prestarter The challenge: Sufficient supply of high-quality feed to the piglets is a particular challenge due to the increasing litter size. The feeds used must meet the highest standards and always be adapted to the […]

BEWI-MILK® Piglet Cup

The challenge: Fostering is necessary because of increasing litter size and the associated milk deficit. Also because some sows die after giving birth. In practice, technical solutions (fostering machines) are increasingly used for this purpose. The aim is to provide piglets with an adequate amount of milk and as a result giving them the best […]

BEWI-MILK® Piglet Premium

The challenge Due to even larger litters, the sufficient supply of piglets is a particular challenge. Although the milk yield of the sows has been increased the milk yield of sows through breeding progress, this has not been to the same extent as the number of piglets born alive. Other disadvantages of increased sow fertility […]


Product image BEWI-SAN Pulmo Green

The challenge: A disease of the respiratory tract causes significant economic losses. Stress situations are often a frequent cause of respiratory diseases and influenced by animated but also unanimated stressors. Unanimated stressors include e.g. transport, housing/ rehousing, changing feed and also weaning situation. Animate stressors are e.g. viruses or bacteria. In combination with respiratory diseases, […]


The challenge: Advances in breeding led to an increase in litter size. An improvement in sow breeding performance and the number of piglets sold has a considerable impact on the profitability of piglet production. However, breeding success is associated with some drawbacks:  Greater weight differences within a litter Weaker piglets are unable to compete with […]


The challenge: Bacteria are the cause of many problems on pig farms. Infections with Streptococus suis (S. suis) but also Clostridium perfringens are considered to be a main reason for the high use of antibiotics in piglet production. The piglets are generally infected with S. suis already during or shortly after birth. The germs enter […]

BEWI-SAN Piglet Power

Product image BEWI-SAN Piglet Power

The challenge: The immune system of piglets is very slow to develop, which means that suckling piglets in the critical first four weeks of life are particularly vulnerable to diarrhoea conditions. Diarrhoea is an intestinal condition that manifests mainly as watery stools, dehydration but also weight loss. The growth depressions cannot be made up later. […]


Product image BEWI-SAN Pulmo

The challenge: Illnesses of the respiratory tract cause considerable economic losses. Causes for this problem are often stress situations, animated but also inanimate. Inanimate stressors include e.g. transport, moving into/ changing stalls, changing feed and weaning. Animate stressors are e.g. viruses or bacteria. In connection with respiratory problems, the farm management but also an “eye […]