At high risk of infection
(e.g. by streptococci, clostridia)


The challenge:

Bacteria are the cause of many problems on pig farms. Infections with Streptococus suis (S. suis) but also Clostridium perfringens are considered to be a main reason for the high use of antibiotics in piglet production.

The piglets are generally infected with S. suis already during or shortly after birth. The germs enter the animal through even the tiniest wounds. By entering the bloodstream the streptococci can settle in certain places in the body and also reproduce. Streptococci cause a wide range of conditions. They can not only lead to pneumonia, arthritis, meningitis but also sudden death.

Infections with Clostridium perfringens are widespread and also take part in many diarrhoea disorders in piglets. In an event of Clostridia-infection there is often an intense increase of the mortality rate.

Therefore it is important to support the piglets’ immune system as early as possible to promote growth optimally.

Your benefits:

  • Successfully tested in vitro and in practice
  • Most effective combination against Gram-positive bacteria
  • Reduces the risk of infection (e.g. by streptococci, clostridia)
  • Stomach stable and target release
  • Highest availability of active ingredients
  • Free-flowing and easy to dose
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

The feed supplement BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+ is a matrix-encapsulated combination product based on lauric acid, monoglycerides of short-chain fatty acids and plant extracts. Specially developed to reduce the risk of infection on pig-keeping farms.

  • Optimises rearing and improves the animals’s health status
  • As activated component, lauric acid specifically inhibits gram-positive bacteria (G+)
  • This special combination with aromatic substances (plant extracts and essential oils) provides proven synergies
  • The matrix encapsulation ensures a slow and continuous release of all active ingredients throughout the entire intestine to their desired destination
  • Very good processing and storage properties due to special production process


Application area:

For mild to high infection pressure caused by gram-positive bacteria (e.g. streptococci, clostridia).


Sows: Feed up to 4 kg BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+ per 1,000 kg complete feed

Piglets: Feed up to 5 kg BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+ per 1,000 kg complete feed

Fattening pigs: Feed up to 4 kg BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+ per 1,000 kg complete feed

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