The background:

Due to their fast and effective energy-providing properties, medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) are particularly important in animal nutrition. The various MCFAs serve, among other things, as an energy supplier for intestinal cells, for growth performance and for optimising the rearing of piglets.

Among the various MCFAs, lauric acid in particular has established itself in use. A stable feed intake and a performance-orientated energy supply for the animal form the basis for optimal growth.

Therefore, it is important to support the development of the young piglet as early as possible and to optimise the animal’s growth.

Your benefits:

  • Successfully used in practice for many years
  • Efficient combination of different fatty acids and plant-based additives
  • Stomach stable and available in the intestine
  • Free-flowing and easy to dose
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)

Our solution:

The feed supplement BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+ is a combination product based on lauric acid, monoglycerides of short-chain fatty acids and plant extracts and was specially developed for pig farms.

  • Optimises the rearing of the animals
  • This unique combination has been used successfully in practice for many years
  • Especially for phases of increased demand
  • Suitable for use both in compound feed and as a top dressing
  • Very good processing and storage properties due to special production process



Sows: Use up to 2 % BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+ in complete feed

Piglets: Use up to 2 % BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+ in complete feed

Fattening pigs: Use up to 2 % BEWI-FATRIX® SynerG+ in complete feed