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The challenge: An optimal function of the energy metabolism is essential to achieve high milk yields. Biotin ia a water-soluble vitamin. It has key functions as a coenzyme in glucose- as well as in fat metabolism. At the same time, it is important for strength and structure of the hoof horn. The natural ruminal synthesis […]


The challenge: Breeding has significantly increased the growth- and performance potential. Not only of dairy cows and pigs but also of pigs. This goes hand in hand with a significantly higher energy requirement. For a successful economical animal farming, it is important to take care of a careful component selection. This is why highly digestible […]


The challenge: The start of lactation is a critical point in dairy cow management, because the energy demand needs to be met. In this way the mobilisation of body fat reserves can be avoided, because fat mobilisation leads to metabolites. These significantly affects the liver function, as non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA). As a result, excessive […]


The challenge: Increased performance of modern dairy cows require not only a precise but also a demand-based ration. Previous assumptions showed no need for an additional supply of B vitamins. These are synthesised sufficiently by microbes in the rumen.  But recent studies show that with increasing performance, the need for B vitamins also increases. They […]


The challenge: In high performing dairy, the synthesis of first limiting amino acids by rumen microbes is often limited. For example methionine and lysine. The situation in GMO-free rations is similar: rapeseed meal and other by-products also require additional supply of methionine and especially lysine. The deficiency could theoretically be compensated by an increased supply […]


The challenge: 80% of dairy cow deaths are caused by metabolic disorders. Here, the liver is the central organ. Especially in early lactation but also with increased fat mobilisation, the liver reaches its limits. The consequences of overload can not only be ketosis, but also fat mobilisation syndrome, puerperal disorders or fertility problems. Choline is […]

BEWI-FATRIX® Methionine

The challenge: Dairy cows are dependent on the supply of essential amino acids on intestinal level. Methionine is renowned as first limiting amino acid. Furthermore it is substantial for the synthesis of milk protein but also a smooth fat metabolism in the liver. During lactation peak, there is often competition for methionine. A deficiency therefore […]


The challenge: Dairy cows rely on the supply of essential amino acids on intestinal level. Commonly, methionine is the first limiting amino acid in most rations, followed by lysine. GMO-free rations increasingly contain rapeseed meal to replace soy, which commonly makes lysine the first limiting amino acid. Lysine deficiency on intestinal level leads not only […]


The challenge: Problems with low fertility rates and decreased longevity are common challenges in dairy cows. However, these problems are not caused by high performance levels but rather a lack in the supply of sufficient energy. Energy demand for milk production highly depends on milk fat content. The higher the milk fat synthesis, the higher […]


The challenge: For achieving best growth performance, especially the aqua culture industry uses energy rich pellets and extrudates. However, during storage as well as feeding, leaking out of the oil content is a well-known problem. The inclusion of liquid fats therefor is often limited. Affected are poultry fat, fish oil but also most vegetable fats. […]


The background: Due to their fast and effective energy-providing properties, medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) are particularly important in animal nutrition. The various MCFAs serve, among other things, as an energy supplier for intestinal cells, for growth performance and for optimising the rearing of piglets. Among the various MCFAs, lauric acid in particular has established itself […]