News – Milk replacers with skimmed milk


The challenge: Advances in breeding led to an increase in litter size. An improvement in sow breeding performance and the number of piglets sold has a considerable impact on the profitability of piglet production. However, breeding success is associated with some drawbacks: 


The challenge: Choosing the right calf milk replacer forms not only the foundation for problem-free but also successful calf rearing. It results in healthy and productive animals. A milk replacer with a combination of high-quality whey proteins, skimmed milk powder, vegetable fats but also digestable vegetable protein can be used optimally throughout the rearing period […]


The challenge: During the first weeks in calf life, the basis for later performance is set. Some studies have shown that intensive rearing leads to higher performance in the first lactation. To achieve this goal, some rely on ad libitum feeding. Calf milk must meet certain requirements for this feeding regime. In practice, the use […]


The challenge: The digestive system of young calves is very sensitive. So, the use of high-quality protein sources is recommended in the first weeks of life. Milk replacers with a combination of skimmed milk powder, whey protein, highly digestible wheat protein but also vegetable fats have proven to show best results in performance-oriented calf rearing, […]


The challenge: The growth potential of young calves should be optimally exploited in rearing. Also, the milk replacer must be optimally tailored according to the needs. Protein supply is an important aspect in this context. An oversupply often negatively affects the animal health. The metabolic load increases. At the same time, there is an increased […]


The challenge: Only healthy, optimally nourished calves can achieve high milk yields as later dairy cows. The basis for this is laid in the first weeks of the calf’s life (metabolic programming). In the first weeks of life, the calf only has milk as a source of energy and nutrients. Since the young digestive system […]

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The challenge: At the beginning of rearing, there is a high infection pressure on many farms. At the same time, calves are particularly susceptible to health problems at this time. The basis for carefree, and also healthy rearing is set by aiming for perfect conditions. This contains an optimal colostrum management and an intensive feeding […]