Proven for intensive rearing


The challenge:

Only healthy, optimally nourished calves can achieve high milk yields as later dairy cows. The basis for this is laid in the first weeks of the calf’s life (metabolic programming).

In the first weeks of life, the calf only has milk as a source of energy and nutrients. Since the young digestive system is designed for milk components, attention should focus on milk replacers with highly digestible components.

Milk replacers with a high portion of skimmed milk powder and without vegetable protein carriers have proven themselves for intensive rearing with high daily gains. They offer an ideal basis for successful and safe calf rearing.

Your benefits:

  • Very good acceptance (sweetener and aroma package)
  • Best growth and highest daily gains
  • High portion of skimmed milk powder (50 %)
  • Contains 100 % milk protein
  • Proven in practice
  • Suitable for use in automatic feeders
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

Our milk replacer BEWI-MILK® AM 9 was specially developed for the optimal care of your calves in the first weeks of life.

  • Premium milk replacer for intensive calf rearing
  • Ideally suited from first week of life
  • For a high life performance later (metabolic programming)
  • Lactic acid bacteria promote healthy intestinal flora
  • Probiotics and prebiotics support the immune system and promote digestion
  • Contains our BEWITAL-Vitality-System (BVS 2.0) with important safety components for a successful calf rearing


Dissolve 140 – 160 g milk replacer per liter warm water (max. 45 °C).

In case of intensive rearing and in the winter month use 160 g per liter.


Detailed drinking plans are available here.