For performance-oriented calf rearing


The challenge:

The digestive system of young calves is very sensitive. So, the use of high-quality protein sources is recommended in the first weeks of life.

Milk replacers with a combination of skimmed milk powder, whey protein, highly digestible wheat protein but also vegetable fats have proven to show best results in performance-oriented calf rearing, contributing to good daily gains.

Your benefits:

  • Very good acceptance (sweetener and aroma package)
  • With skimmed milk powder (35 %)
  • Suitable for use in automatic feeders
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

BEWI-MILK® AM 18 is our milk replacer specially developed for performance-oriented calf rearing.

  • Milk replacer with 35 % of skimmed milk powder
  • High vitamin supplementation provides additional safety
  • Ideally suited from first week of life
  • Contains our BEWITAL-Vitality-System (BVS 2.0) with important safety components for a successful calf rearing


Dissolve 140 – 160 g milk replacer per liter warm water (max. 45 °C).

In case of intensive rearing and in the winter month use 160 g per liter.


Detailed drinking plans are available here.

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