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The challenge: High-yielding dairy cows in early lactation are lacking energy but also facing tough stress for their liver metabolism. After calving the cow´s feed intake is limited. With starting producing milk lots of energy from feed is required. The energy supplied through feed can not cover the requirement. Therefore, the cow starts mobilizing energy […]


The challenge: Dairy cows often have problems with impaired fertility and decreased longevity. These problems are in most cases not connected to high milk yields. They rather can be traced back to an inadequate energy supply. The energy required for milk production depends mainly on the fat content in the milk. The higher the milk […]


The challenge: The most important issues for high performance during the lactation period are, not only energy supply, but also an adequate supply of rumen protein and nitrogen. This guarantees the optimal formation of bacterial protein. An insufficient supply of ruminal microbes leads to a reduction of ruminal protein production. Also, the milk protein synthesis […]


The challenge: A common problem in the first third of lactation is the limited ration intake. The rumen plays a central role in the digestion process of the major ration components. In addition to the palatability of the feed, also balanced supplies of fast, medium and slow degradable components are of utmost importance. They allow […]


The challenge: In the first 100 days of lactation, health but also fertility are central performance parameters contributing to longevity. 80 % of the deaths of high-yielding cows are caused by metabolic disorders. The liver plays a central role in this context. Especially in the early stages of lactation and in the context of increased […]


The challenge: Environmental protection has become an issue in dairy farming in recent years. New fertiliser ordinances require a reduction in ammonia emissions but also nitrogen inputs into the soil as well as a reduction in phosphorus excretions. However, stable and high milk yields from healthy cows are of crucial economic importance for the farmer. […]