How to get your cows
through the summer period

According to forecasts, we will again face a hot, dry summer this year.

For dairy farmers, this results in several challenges: decreasing harvest volumes, decreased feed quality for the following cuts and decreased dairy performance due to heat stress.

Bad forage situation?

Especially rations based on grass silage, the energy density might be low.

In order to keep the risk of acidosis low as well as the competitive situation between concentrates and forage balanced, the use of rumen-stable fat powder is recommendable.

Heat stress?

The climatic conditions in the summer months are often an undetected problem for high-yielding dairy cows. Even at 20 °C and especially in high humidity, heat stress affects the performance and health of the cow. The cow tries to reduce the internal heat production to prevent stress. It is recommended to feed rumen-stable fat powder.

Rumen-stable fat relieves the cow’s metabolism as they release less heat during digestion compared to the metabolisation of carbohydrates. Studies have shown that the performance can be stabilised in summer periods, when replacing grains with rumen-stable fat.

In our video you can find out more about the advantages
and possible uses of rumen-stable fat powder

Our solution:

With our rumen-stable fat powders BEWI-SPRAY® RS 70 or BEWI-SPRAY® 99 M you can supplement the ration on different raw material bases (rapeseed or palm oil).

With an application rate of 200-500 g / animal and day, it is possible to increase energy density in an optimal way.