High temperatures
lead to problems in pigs

Pigs are equipped with relatively few sweat glands and thus, experience heat periods quite early as they are not able to effectively dissipate warmth. A targeted approach is important to decrease the impact of heat as much as possible. Modifying the feeding regime therefor plays an important role.

Particularly sows suffer
Milk yield of sows increased during the last decades, however, feed intake has not been increased to the same extent. An energy deficit appears, resulting is reduced milk yield. Rising temperatures (already from 24°C) and in combination with high humidity amplify this effect: feed intake decreases, this to reduce the production metabolic warmth.

Feeding against the energy gap

To avoid unnecessary warmth from metabolic processes, starch should partly be replaced by fat as an energy source (z.B. BEWI-SPRAY® 99 L oder BEWI-PIG® 80 L). By this, performance can be maintained on a high level.  It is also important to always ensure a sufficient supply of hygienically safe drinking water.

An better performance can be realized by offering a high quality piglet milk replacer to the litter (e.g. BEWI-MILK® Piglet Premium). This also supplements the milk deficit of the sow.

Furthermore piglets can be offered additional electrolytes during heat conditions (e.g. BEWI-SAN Piglet Power), in order to regulate their energy and electrolyte  balance. The result: piglets are more vital and healthy, contributing to a more efficient piglet rearing.


How to recognize heat problems in pigs:
  • Abbreviated, faster breathing
  • Increased water intake
  • Reduced feed intake
  • Animals are laying outstretched on their side, on heat dissipating material if possible

Our solutions for sows:


  • High energy component contains lecithin
  • guaranteed highest digestibility
  • based on palm oil or rapeseed oil


  • Combination product with high quality sweet whey, refined vegetable fats and lecithin
  • with midchain fatty acids

Our solutions for piglets:

BEWI-MILK® Piglet Premium:

  • Premium milk replacer for supplementation of sow milk
  • with lactic acid bacteria for the stabilization of the intestinal flora
  • for vital and good growing piglets

BEWI-SAN Piglet Power:

  • Dietary feed supplement offers easily digestible, direct available energy (dextrose, lactose)
  • facilitates the electrolyte balance
  • ideal supplement for additional fluid intake