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Prevent heat stress with feeding

It is well known that at high ambient temperature it is quite difficult to get enough energy in lactating sows. However, with an adapted feeding strategy, sufficient energy intake can be ensured even in summer.

How to feed piglets healthy

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How to feed piglets healthy! To fight pathogens like streptococci or clostridia, pig farmers increasingly make use of feed additives containing medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA). The success is validated in their experiences in praxis.


The challenge: Breeding has significantly increased the growth- and performance potential. Not only of dairy cows and pigs but also of pigs. This goes hand in hand with a significantly higher energy requirement. For a successful economical animal farming, it is important to take care of a careful component selection. This is why highly digestible […]


The challenge: Bacteria are the cause of many problems on pig farms. Infections with Streptococus suis (S. suis) but also Clostridium perfringens are considered to be a main reason for the high use of antibiotics in piglet production. The piglets are generally infected with S. suis already during or shortly after birth. The germs enter […]