Project ”new spray tower“ almost completed!

Start of the first test productions

A couple of months ago, the first visible step for building a new spray tower was taken here at our location in Südlohn-Oeding: the 20m long tower was lifted over the existing and fully running production facilities and set on its place, straight into the building, directly followed by the cooling containers that were lifted as well, to be placed on the rooftop (see video below).

In the meantime, our technical department was able to further speed up the project as well: the cooling technique for our dedicated spray-cooling has already been installed and the tower been cooled for the first time. All installations of pumps, pipes and conveyors are running smoothly and the programming of the system is running on the finishing line. The next couple of weeks will be used for first test productions on the new spray tower.

We are very pleased about the progress of our project. The installation of the new tower provides us several advantages, as an increased production capacity, better energy efficiency and much more flexibility regarding raw materials and blends.

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