The project “New spray tower” is visibly progressing

The spraying of fats is one of the most important activities of our company. In order to be able to continue producing according to state-of-the-art technology, a new spray tower for the production of high-energy concentrates for cattle, pig, poultry and fish feeding is to be started up this summer, producing our highly digestible fat powders (BEWI-SPRAY®).

An important milestone during the construction phase has now been successfully completed: The new spray tower was lifted over the existing production buildings into the building shell with a 500-tonne crane. The second step was to place a container with the technology for the refrigeration system on the roof of the production facility.

New tower – new possibilities

In order to make various vegetable oils usable for the animal, we have been using a specially developed spray cooling technique for more than 35 years. The resulting fine crystalline fat powders are highly digestible and can be optimally stored and processed due to their high pourability.

Our many years of know-how have now been included in the project planning for the new spray tower with the following results:

  • Production “State of the Art”
  • Expansion of capacity
  • Increasing flexibility
    (e.g. with regard to greater use of European raw materials)
  • Significantly improved energy efficiency
    (e.g. through the use of new refrigeration technology)
  • An optimal end product depending on the application and customer requirements (e.g. fine, but also coarse structures are possible)
  • Improvement of working conditions by adding more floors to the building

The delivery of the spray tower:

The crane, from which’s jib the 30-tonne, 20-metre-long tower hangs, has a height of 80 metres.