BEWI-LACTO+® Amino LM 705:
Positive effect on milk yield and metabolism in a practical test

Christoph Eberhardt’s dairy farm in Kalkar keeps around 50 dairy cows and their offspring. The dairy herd is milked using a milking robot. The cows are fed a special maize silage ration that is tailored to their needs. It comprises a total of 23 kg DM per cow per day.

In order to investigate the effect of ration supplementation with amino acids in a high-yielding herd, the ration was changed from 500 g BEWI-SPRAY® 99 L per cow per day to 500 g BEWI-LACTO+® Amino LM 705 and 75 g BEWI-SPRAY® 99 L per cow per day during a one-month trial phase. Accordingly, the cows received 500 g of feed fat as before and an additional 20 g of lysine and methionine per day. The trial was supervised and advised by Daniel Langer from OHG (Osnabrücker Herdbuch eG, Germany).



  • Since the use of amino acids, the cows have had a good start to lactation
  • Significantly improved postpartum behaviour was observed
  • Supplementation has a positive effect on the animals’ metabolism
  • The high-yielding herd recorded an increase in milk yield of 3.1 kg (7 %) during the trial period as a result of supplementation with amino acids, although this was partly due to a reduction in the number of milking days
  • The milk constituents increased and became firmer

Conclusion: BEWI-LACTO+® Amino LM 705 also promises success in high-performance herds and has a positive effect on the milk yield and metabolism of the cows.

Conclusion of the farmer:

BEWI-LACTO+® Amino LM 705 has proven itself in our high-performance herd and is the cherry on the cake, so to speak, in our ration design.“

Christoph Eberhardt and Daniel Langer draw a positive conclusion. Due to the good results, they plan to continue using amino acids in the ration in the future.

Our recommendation: BEWI-LACTO+® Amino LM 705

  • Supports optimum amino acid supply with lower protein carrier levels
  • Rumen-protected fat significantly improves the energy situation without impeding rumen function
  • Methionine ensures that first limiting amino acids are available to dairy cows
  • Lysine provides cows with the amino acid they need for milk production
  • Allows a decrease of the crude protein content without performance losses
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