Save protein with
rumen-protected amino acids

How much protein does the cow really need? This question is discussed very intensively in the field of dairy cow feeding. Especially for high-yielding cows, the needs-based supply of feed protein plays a decisive role. Not only for the health and performance of the animal, but also for the environment (new fertiliser regulations!) and the profitability of the farm.

With protein, the rule is: enough, but targeted!

For farmers, a stable, high milk yield with the best animal health is of decisive economic importance. Therefore, in order to achieve the high performance, rations with too high crude protein contents were often fed in the past. However, luxury consumption has a negative impact on the environment, animal health and, of course, feed costs.

GMO-free feeding – and who thinks about the feed costs?

In the course of the GMO-free feeding demanded by dairies, many dairy farms have switched from soy to rape or other by-products.

This has the following disadvantages :

  1. Rapeseed extraction meal contains a different amino acid composition compared to soya extraction meal.
  2. Protein from rapeseed is currently significantly more expensive than soya.

The solution: A combination of rumen-protected methionine & lysine

If you want to save protein, but not forego performance and at the same time comply with the new fertiliser regulation, you should rely on rumen-protected amino acids and specifically supplement the ration with intestine-available methionine and lysine. When GMO-free protein sources such as rape are used and protein levels in the ration are reduced at the same time, these two first-limiting amino acids can quickly become deficient. It is important to feed methionine and lysine in rumen-protected form so that they arrive at their destination in the intestine in optimal dosage. This avoids a protein surplus.


We recommend: BEWI-LACTO+® Amino LM

  • Reduction of crude protein in the feed possible without performance losses
  • Stable, high performance with good animal health
  • Reduces feed costs
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Specially developed for use directly on the farm


What our customers say: “Higher nitrogen efficiency and better yield despite protein savings”

“We have seen a marked improvement in the health of our herd since we started using BEWI-LACTO+ Amino LM. We no longer have any problems with behaviour after birth or during calving. The animals also demonstrate clear rutting behaviour. We have reduced the amount of rapeseed extraction meal in the ration by 0.5 kg per cow per day, which has had a positive effect on our nutrient balance (nitrogen/ phosphorus excretion). In addition, the milk yield increased from 34.5 to 35.7 kg during the test period.” 

Tobias Langer, farm manager

The solution: A combination of rumen-protected methionine & lysine

The more precisely the ration is geared to the animal’s protein requirements,

  • the lower the protein surpluses that have to be detoxified via the liver in an energy-intensive process ᐅ positive for animal health
  • the greater the savings in protein feedstuffs ᐅ cost reduction
  • the lower the N excretions ᐅ positive for the environment