How a stable becomes the place of our innovations

Innovation needs research. Our own Research & Product Development department drives the progress of innovation at our company. The aim is to put economically useful scientific findings into practice as quickly as possible – in our own products and in those that we develop and realise together with customers.

The process of our product development

Product development at BEWITAL agri is a continuous process. It begins with a product idea and scientific research, which is then followed by laboratory and production tests. Finally, each product is tested on our partner farms.

Partner farms give us the opportunity to evaluate product developments beyond the scientific research environment. Our field tests aim to evaluate effectiveness and practical applicability under real-life conditions. Not only can our own products be tested, but also the effectiveness compared to competitor products. In this way, we ensure that the feeds are always geared to the needs of our customers.

Only if the product also shows the desired effect in practical use over a longer period of time will it be offered on the market!

Cooperation between BEWITAL and Hinnemann dairy farm

Our partner farm in the area of dairy cows is the Hinnemann farm in Germany (North Rhine Westphalia). On this family-run breeding farm, 140 Holstein cows are kept with corresponding offspring.

Farm manager Philipp Hinnemann is always searching for the right adjustments to get the most out of his herd in terms of health and performance.

With an average milk yield of 14,100 kg milk per cow and year, the Hinnemann farm is well above the performance average. Through continuous and consistent management, as well as optimisation in various areas of the farm, there are nevertheless further opportunities for improvement.

By adapting the feeding of rumen-stable fats (BEWI-SPRAY®) and the further addition of rumen-stable amino acids, such as BEWI-FATRIX® Methionine, in the course of the partnership, it was possible, among other things, to increase the utilisation efficiency. The result of this is not only improved animal health and a continuously increased lifetime performance of the animals, but also the reduced excretion of nutrients.

Our partner farm confirmed not only subjectively but also objectively through performance data that the use of rumen-stable fats in combination with lecithin (BEWI-SPRAY® 99 L) has an additional positive effect on milk yield at already high milk yields.

Currently, the use of additional amino acids, such as BEWI-FATRIX® Lysine, shows that there are further possibilities in the field of protein-adapted feeding to improve performance on the one hand, but also to reduce the environmental impact.

Partnership with practitioners is particularly important to BEWITAL in order to develop customer-oriented solutions. In addition to our partner farms, we maintain direct communication to scientific institutes and universities to ensure continuous further development.