In case of calf diarrhoea
(sporadically, non-infectious)


The challenge:

Diarrhoea in calves during the first four weeks of life is one of the most common and also loss-causing stock problems as the calves loses significant amounts of fluid and electrolytes.  

Sporadic diarrhoea is usually caused by non-infectious factors. These include, for example, feeding errors (incorrect drinking temperature), feed changes or insufficient hygiene.

If calf diarrhoea occurs, the most important thing is to react immediately. When the calf stops drinking, it may be already too late. Diarrhoea in calves causes major losses of not only fluid and electrolytes, but also buffer substances. It is vital to compensate these losses as well as to provide energy as quickly as possible and therefore, avoid dehydration.

Your benefits:

  • Suitable for organic/ecological farms
  • Stabilises digestion
  • Covers the nutrient and energy demand of the calf
  • Fast vitalisation of the calf
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

Our dietary feed BEWI-SAN Diätmix GREEN was specially produced to stabilise the water and electrolyte balance and to support physiological digestion.

May be used in organic production in accordance with regulation (EU) 2018/848. DE-ÖKO-003

  • Dietary supplement with natural dietary components
  • Stabilises the electrolyte balance
  • Normalises intestinal function
  • Compensates for electrolyte and fluid loss
  • Provides the calf with vitamins
  • Stabilises the immune system and supplies quick energy

Application area:

If there is a risk of, during or after indigestion (diarrhoea).


In cases of mild diarrhoea and for prevention (do not stop feeding milk):

50 g per litre of drink; spread out drink quantity of 2-4 litres over 3 meals; use: 3 days.

In cases of severe diarrhoea (stop feeding milk):

75-90 g per litre of drink; amount of drink: 1.5 litres per meal; 3 meals per day; use: 2 days.

Then switch to milk as in the case of mild diarrhoea.

 Always offer BEWI-SAN Bewilyt GREEN as an intermediate drink.