Feed concepts
for animal health

The demands on animal nutrition are increasing all the time: the feed should not only optimally meet the animals’ needs for nutrients, but also ensure high yields and support health naturally to reduce the use of medications.

We offer you solutions for various animal health challenges.

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Feed concepts
for growth

In modern livestock farming, a stable growth curve from the beginning is vital to financial success. The aim is to make maximum use of growth potential while keeping animals healthy.

We offer solutions that help you give animals all the nutrients they need from the start of rearing through all subsequent phases of life.

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Feed concepts
for yield and energy

Energy supply is often the primary limiting factor for the achievement of high yields in livestock farming. This is true for milk production, rearing and fattening.

We offer solutions for optimum supply of energy and important nutrients that are essential to obtaining high yields from your animals.

Feed concepts
for the environment

Finding the right balance between health, yields and an efficient, environmentally-friendly feed system presents many farms with considerable challenges. Feed optimisation requirements are as a result rising all the time.

Our solutions ensure that nutrients reach the sites where they are needed in just the right amounts.

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