For an improved
hoof health and milk yield


The challenge:

An optimal function of the energy metabolism is essential to achieve high milk yields. Biotin ia a water-soluble vitamin. It has key functions as a coenzyme in glucose- as well as in fat metabolism. At the same time, it is important for strength and structure of the hoof horn. The natural ruminal synthesis is often insufficient, especially when using high performance rations which are rich in starch.

Research shows that only less than 50 % of unprotected biotin, which is given by feed, reaches the small intestine. This is due to the microbial degradation in the rumen. In the past, positive effects on milk yield and hoof health have only been reached if very high biotin supplements were fed. This has negative effects on efficiency.

However, a sufficient supply via feeding is necessary because the own synthesis of rumen microbes of high-production cows is often inadequate.

Your benefits:

  • Highly concentrated for the production of concentrates and feed supplements
  • Most efficient solution for improved hoof health & milk yield
  • Cost advantage for feed manufacturers and dairy farmers
  • Highest availability of active ingredients thanks to a special production process
  • Rumen-protected and optimally available in the intestine
  • Rumen-stable fat matrix based on european raw materials,
    suitable for use in dairy quality programs.
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

BEWI-FATRIX® Biotin provides the vitamin in a rumen-protected form and compensates for the high rate of loss of products previously used on the market (unprotected).

  • Highly effective, rumen-protected biotin
  • Biotin supplement has been proven to bring significant additional effects
  • Essential for an optimal function of the energy metabolism
  • To support the milk yield and hoof health effectively in high-performance cows
  • Special matrix encapsulation to reduce losses in the rumen, for best availability in the small intestine
  • Significantly improved economy through more efficient biotin supply in metabolism

Application area:

For the effective supply of high-performance cows with biotin.


Add 0.5-1.0 g of BEWI-FATRIX® Biotin per cow and day to the feed.

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