We encapsulate ingredients
so that they reach the site where they take effect.

Animal nutritionists considering ingredients with special effects during digestion and metabolisation often face a problem with breakdown in the upper intestinal tract (rumen/stomach) or even during storage for mixtures of components.

Examples are amino acids and most vitamins in ruminants and some organic acids, fatty acids and plant extracts in monogastric animals.

To avoid this breakdown or degradation of active components often encapsulation is the best solution.

of encapsulation technology

Fetttropfen, Öltropfen

Various fat sources as the basis

The fat sources used for matrix encapsulation form the basis for targeted release of the active ingredients and complete availability for the animals.

Wirkstoffe Verkapselungstechnologie bunt

Combination of multiple ingredients

Our special cryotechnology means that we can achieve a high concentration of active ingredients and also protect the combination of multiple ingredients from breakdown.

Schutzschild mit grünem Haken

Optimum protection

Our matrix encapsulation with special fats ensures optimum protection. For best availability in the small intestine.

BEWI-FATRIX Fatrix Moleküle im Verdauungstrakt

Targeted release

The special fat components and the production process also allow complete digestion in the small intestine and a targeted release of the encapsulated active ingredients.

Verkapselungstechnologie, Matrixverkapselung von Wirkstoffen

All in One Technology

Encapsulated additives

BEWI-FATRIX Produkte und die Verdauung von Geflügel und Schwein

Plant extracts
Organic acids
Fatty acids
Essential oils

BEWI-FATRIX Produkte und die Verdauung der Kuh

Plant extracts
B vitamins


Our strength:
Tailor-made solutions

Image Tailor-Made Solutions Possible

Based on our many years of experience, we offer customer-specific solutions for innovative feed concepts.

Encapsulated additives


The matrix-encapsulated solutions of our BEWI-FATRIX product line stand for optimal protection and best availability in the small intestine.

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