A story of success made in Münsterland

45 per cent of BEWITAL agri products are sold in Germany, the other 55 per cent worldwide in more than 30 countries. Despite the size of the corporation, and it´s global operations, the company has successfully retained it´s independent stand as a family-run business in the Münsterland region. BEWITAL agri continues to place their trust in Germany as it´s headquarters, in order to guarantee the high quality and security of it´s products.

Take a look at our company history.

BEWITAL founded

Bernhard Wigger founded the BEWITAL Corporation in 1963 in Südlohn-Oeding, in the German region of Westphalia. As son of a local farmer, he first concentrated on the livestock trade before he began to produce feedstuffs for the breeding industry.

Development and Growth

The development of our milk replacement product range led to an enormous increase in the volume of sales, thus contributing to the growth of the corporation. BEWITAL evolved as expert on nutrition in the breeding sector and soon were able to transmit their knowledge and experience into the field of pet nutrition.

Construction of Spray Tower

An important milestone in BEWITAL´s success story was the construction of the spray tower. Determined by his knowledge, as well as decades of experience, Bernhard Wigger perceived that fats constitute a decisive factor in the quality of foodstuffs. His specially developed spray-freeze procedure produces a very fine pourable powder which is highly digestibility and also optimal for further use.

Transfer of business to the next generation

The Managing Director Bernhard Wigger gradually hands over executive rights to the present CEO Jürgen Petershagen. The ownership of the corporation is transferred to the founder´s children, Ulrike Petershagen and Dr. Jürgen Wigger in 2001.

New Production line

BEWITAL launches a new line and starts production of fat encapsulated substances.

Palital feed additives founded

The foundation of the subsidiary Palital feed additives led to various synergetic effects. The spin-off products created include sweeteners, flavours, butyrates as well as fat encapsulated substances.

Restructuring of Operational Segments

The company decides to restructure their operational segments due to the increasingly differentiated product markets in the areas of agricultural feedstuff and pet food. Business activities could thus be focused more directly. This resulted in the creation of the BEWITAL group and it´s subsidiaries BEWITAL agri and BEWITAL petfood with a total of more than 350 employees.

50 years of BEWITAL

The company group celebrate their 50ieth anniversary of business.