Best care right from the start

Our piglet milk range BEWI-MILK® Piglet has been developed to enable every piglet to grow healthy from birth. Due to advances in breeding, the litter size increases much faster than the sow‘s milk yield. With our BEWI-MILK® Piglet concept, all piglets are supplied with the important vitamins and nutrients even in large litters.

All milk replacers have been specially developed to supplement or replace sow‘s milk.

The result: healthy piglets that grow optimally and homogeneously.

The right product for every feeding situation:


Our plus in security – the BVS 2.0

All our milk replacers consist of carefully selected, highly digestible raw materials and contain additional safety components due to our BEWITAL-Vitality-System (BVS 2.0).

Our safety package BVS 2.0 ensures optimal acceptance, promotes the development of a healthy intestinal flora and strengthens the immune system of your piglets.


BEWI-SAN Problem solvers for successful piglet rearing

Our wide range of natural helpers ensures healthy and fast-growing piglets.

Whether diarrhoea, respiratory problems or immunodepression, with our BEWI-SAN products we offer real problem solvers to improve animal health – naturally.

For every problem a solution:

Digestive support:

  • BEWI-SAN Digest in case of digestive disorders (diarrhoea) and for first feed intake *NEW*
  • BEWI-SAN Piglet Power for stabilisation of physiological digestion and to regulate the water- and electrolyte balance *NEW*

For immune deficiency:

For inflammatory modulation: