For an optimal metabolic health
and fertility


The challenge:

In the first 100 days of lactation, health but also fertility are central performance parameters contributing to longevity. 80 % of the deaths of high-yielding cows are caused by metabolic disorders. The liver plays a central role in this context.

Especially in the early stages of lactation and in the context of increased fat mobilisation, the liver reaches its capacity. The consequences of liver overload are ketosis, fat mobilisation syndrome but also fertility disorders.

Methionine is known as first limiting amino acid, playing a central role not only in the production of milk protein but also in fat metabolisation in the liver. Therefore a lack of methionine can lead to liver- and metabolic problems.

A targeted supply of rumen-protected methionine has proven benefits at the beginning of lactation. The positive effects on metabolic health can be supported by the simultaneous use of rumen-protected choline.

Your benefits:

  • Specially developed for use straight on the dairy farm
  • Energy-/active ingredient package
  • Successfully tested in practice
  • Facilitates liver metabolism in dairy cows, especially at the beginning of lactation
  • Promotes liver health
  • Reduces the risk of fatty liver
  • Suitable for “GMO-free” feeding (VLOG-verified)
  • Directly from the manufacturer

Our solution:

BEWI-LACTO+ MC Protect is an energy-/active ingredient package for high-yielding cows, specially developed for use straight on the dairy farm.

  • Rumen-stable fat significantly increases the energy supply of high-yielding dairy cows
  • Rumen-protected methionine ensures that first limiting amino acids are available to dairy cows for milk protein synthesis
  • Rumen-protected choline helps the liver convert fats and ensures energy metabolism
  • Rumen-protected Niacin at the right level holds key functions in energy conversion
  • Rumen-protected Biotin at effective levels improves hoof health and supports energy metabolism
  • Energy content: 21.5 MJ NEL/kg

Application area:

To optimise metabolic health at the beginning of lactation.


BEWI-LACTO+ MC Protect should be given to cows at a dose of 200 to 250 g per cow per day during the first half of lactation.

    What our customers say about BEWI-LACTO+® MC Protect

    Healthy dairy cows
    after calving

    Zuchtbetrieb Hinnemann mit Betriebsleiter Philipp Hinnemann

    „Since we started using BEWI-LACTO+ MC Protect we have been able to fine-tune important aspects of animal health and fertility.

    Behaviour after birth has improved dramatically, and there has been a sharp decline in problems with clinical endometritis which we used to experience frequently.”

    Philipp Hinnemann, farm manager at breeding farm Hinnemann
    (Dairy farm with 140 cows in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)