New ingredient in BEWI-SAN Prevent C: Carob flour

More than 260,000 calves have already been successfully reared since the launch of our BEWI-SAN Prevent C dietary supplement. The special supplement has proven itself especially on farms with proven increased infection pressure from pathogens such as cryptosporidia.

But we do not rest on our laurels. For this reason, our own research and development department is constantly testing the recipes of our products to adapt them to the latest nutritional findings. The result: From now on, you will receive our successful product with a new component!

With new carob flour now available
Carob flour is a new addition to the BEWI-SAN Prevent C formula. It is obtained from the seeded pods of the carob tree. Due to its high content of swellable dietary fibre, carob flour has not only a supportive effect on non-specific digestive problems (diarrhoea) but also promotes the thickening of the digestive pulp in the calf’s intestine.

However, the processing of carob flour is not new territory for us. The fine, brown powder offers many advantages for stabilising digestion due to its high-quality natural ingredients and has also proven itself over decades in the recipe of BEWI-SAN Diätmix, for example. Thanks to its slightly sweet aroma, carob flour is very readily absorbed by the animals.

The new BEWI-SAN Prevent C

BEWI-SAN Prevent C was specially developed to stabilise the physiological digestion of newborn calves. Experience from practice shows: The improved recipe in BEWI-SAN Prevent C ensures even more stable digestion in the first days of the calf’s life.

Your benefits:

  • Proven in practice: more than 260,000 calves successfully fed
  • Reduces the risk of infection (e.g. caused by cryptosporidia)
  • Stabilises digestion
  • Reduces the need of veterinary treatment
  • Easy application in milk
  • Directly from the manufacturer