BOKU-Symposium 2021

The 19th BOKU Symposium Animal Nutrition 2021 was under the general theme “Animal nutrition between animal well-being and environmental protection”. The symposium was organised for the first time as a digital web conference. We were again represented with a scientific poster.

The title of our poster was: “Influence of a combination of rumenstable lysine and rumenstable methionine on dairy cows in practice”.

The results in brief:

  • The addition of rumenstable methionine and rumenstable lysine led to a significant increase in milk performance of 2.3 kg while milk fat synthesis was increased by 80 g/day; milk protein synthesis was tendentially increased
  • The effects of additional rumenstable amino acids (methionine + lysine) in this trial confirm the importance of amino acid supply in dairy cow rations with increased proportions of by-products